SQ and MH: Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge at Kuala Lumpur

My flight from Bangkok arrived at the main terminal which allowed me to visit the regional Golden lounge first before proceeding for my next flight to Delhi which departs from the satellite terminal. I had a layover in Kuala Lumpur on the day I left India for Thailand and visited the main Golden Lounge at the satellite terminal. The regional Golden Lounge was certainly smaller but I thought it was slightly nicer due to the segmentation of the lounge and the views of the tarmac. In the satellite Golden Lounge, the tarmac views are limited to First Class passengers and Malaysia Airlines top-tier frequent flyers.

Entrance to the Lounge
Entrance to the regional Golden lounge

The food offered during lunch was somewhat different from breakfast but the spread in the satellite terminal Golden Lounge was as good. The regional Golden Lounge also has a pretty neat bar area that seems empty during the afternoon.

Regional Golden Lounge
Regional Golden lounge at KLIA

However the smaller regional lounge did not have showers and this meant I left earlier to the satellite terminal where my next flight departs from. On leaving the lounge I also checked about adding my Marco Polo membership number to the next flight since I forgot to present them while checking in for my flight in Bangkok. Once I got that I head to the Golden Lounge at the satellite terminal and having been there before, I knew where to go.

Entrance foyer to the lounge
Entrance foyer to the satellite Golden lounge

Upon entering the lounge I checked if the showers were ready and indeed it was. I was told to proceed to the end of the lounge. Though there was no shower attendants and just a large restroom with shower stalls. The whole place reminded me of the communal showers in my university dorm room. It was also difficult to find space to store my hand carry. Inside the shower stalls, I did find towels, some bath amenities though they were generic brands and seems to be of low quality so I just used what I brought with me. However the bad part was the soap holder was spoilt which meant there was no space at all to place the small shampoo bottles. This was definitely the worst shower experience in a lounge ever. Not sure if I would want to take a shower here again.

Shower Room
Shower room at the satellite Golden lounge in Kuala Lumpur

Since I did not really do a separate coverage of the Golden Lounge in my last visit, I shall post more photos of the lounge here. The lounge here is large and there are lots of space for passengers to get seated. But the problem is there is no partition at all and it feels like a vast hall with chairs, and not a lounge. In the centre of this hall lies a buffet counter with the same hot food offerings, coffee machines and bar fridge on both sides.

Buffet Counter in the Lounge
Buffet counter in the lounge

There was also a magazine stand at the central section of this counter. As mentioned before, there is also a noodle bar where one can order freshly made noodles though they open from 9am onwards so it is not possible when your flights leave early in the morning. The lounge also has a proper dining area with a smaller dining area with more food options closer to the entrance. There is also an ice cream fridge and the ice cream seems to be supplied by Kapiti, a New Zealand based creamery. The ice cream is perhaps also one of the best reasons to visit the lounge.

Kapiti Ice Cream
Kapiti ice cream

Again I stress that the open layout of the lounge is not the most comfortable since it is no different than being in the gate area except perhaps for the food. Furthermore they do cordon off the area by the windows for top-tier frequent flyer members of Malaysia Airlines Enrich program or First Class passengers.

Open Layout of the Lounge
Open layout of the main Golden lounge
Seats inside the Golden Lounge
Seats inside the Golden lounge

Some of the other facilities in the lounge include a business centre and TV lounge at the entrance foyer as well as an area resembling a sports bar with flatscreen TV showing sports programs along with a bar counter. This area is perhaps my favourite part to lounge in compared to the main lounge itself but the seating area is very small and it seems separated from the whole lounge.

Reading Lounge and Workstation
Reading lounge and workstation
Sports bar in the Golden lounge
Sports bar in the Golden lounge

Generally due to the open layout of the lounge, it is easy for the staff to see you and you to observe the staff. They do offer you with some food and beverage on entering but most of the time they are just happy to mingle and chit chat with each other. Generally they did not exude the professionalism of other airline lounge staff but they did their job fine in clearing up the tables and stuff. The experience with the so-called ‘flagship’ lounge at the impressive Kuala Lumpur airport falls a bit short though. To be truly world-class, an airline should have a great airport lounge as well and Malaysia Airlines did not deliver in this regard.

KLIA Satellite Terminal
KLIA satellite terminal

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