SQ and MH: A Fraternal Twin Separated

The history of Singapore and Malaysia Airlines is intertwined just as the country used to be one. For a brief history, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) split up to become the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Singapore Airlines (SIA) as we know them today in 1972. And of course, the latter is now known universally as one of the best airlines to fly with. Such is also my opinion, and I am always willing to pay a premium (to a certain extent) to fly with Singapore Airlines.

As I have compiled my India trip journal previously, my original itinerary was supposed to return on Singapore Airlines to Singapore and continuing to Bangkok on Thai. However with my friend’s wedding a few days before, I booked a separate return ticket from Delhi to Thailand via Kuala Lumpur for around US$650, and this is for Business class, which is kind of good value in my opinion since Economy was going for US$450. Thus I would do a same-day turn-around in Delhi, arriving in DEL on Malaysia Airlines and flying again on Singapore Airlines with approximately 2 hours plus in between that gives me time to clear customs, head to do a refund for my Jet Airways flight cancellation and board the continuing flight.

This would be essentially similar to a mileage run since the only good part of Malaysia Airlines was it shares the same alliance as Cathay Pacific Airways. Both are part of the oneworld alliance, and I can credit the miles to my Marco Polo membership. This trip journal will also provide a decent comparison between the regional business class cabin service onboard SIA and MAS, both of which are strong rivals. So let the comparison begin!


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