Fascinating India: Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Porch of the Resort
Grand porch of the resort

The drive from the airport to the Grand Hyatt Goa was a surreal experience as we passed by village houses and rows and rows of palm trees and greenery while the last of the orange glow from the sun subsided into the horizon. And then on arrival at the Grand Hyatt, you are greeted with a huge covered porch. Unlike in Bali where one can usually find other resorts around, the Grand Hyatt Goa is located at the end of a village with no other hotels or establishments around it, making it something like an enclosed resort. The slightly remote location means most guests have their meals at the resort itself.

Check-in and reception area
Check-in and reception area

Upon checking in, I was assigned a suite as expected having applied my suite upgrade onto the reservation. The process was fast as I was helped with my luggage when I exited the private cab that the hotel has hired to pick me up and once I got my room key, I head towards my room. The Grand Hyatt Goa is not like many resorts and hotels where the whole compound is connected. Instead there are separate distinct ‘guest houses’ which houses the hotel room and suites. Reception and the hotel restaurants are located in the main guest house which features a beautiful glass-roofed atrium with a water feature in the middle of this building. I was assigned a suite in guest house no 3 which is just beside the main guest house.

Main Lobby Atrium
Main lobby atrium in the day

Room No: 3201 Category: Grand Suite King

Most of the guest house have varying layouts and floors while I was assigned a suite on the second floor and the suite was located at the end of the walkway. It also seems that for some guest house, the rooms are all positioned to have a sea or bay view.

Suite Entrance Foyer
Suite entrance foyer

On entering the suite, there was a beautiful foyer with a wooden screen that partitioned the foyer from the main living and dining room. In terms of floor area, this suite is probably similar to the one I had in Grand Hyatt Tokyo. The size of the whole suite is impressive. On the left side of the suite, there was also a powder room.

Grand Suite Living Room
Grand suite living room

Inside the main living room, there was a work desk near the foyer and a four seater dining table. The only drawback is perhaps the workspace was not as large but then again no one is expected to be working in a resort unlike in Tokyo! In the dining table there was a welcome fruit platter consisting of apples, while the TV console in the living room also acts as a wall between the bedroom and the rest of the suite.

Living and Dining Room
Living and dining room

There was also an espresso machine in the suite with 2 bottles of mineral water. More bottles can be found in the bathroom and bedroom. The living room furniture consists of a daybed, a 3 seater sofa and a large square coffee table.

Compared to the rest of the suite, the bedroom was quite modest in size but also features a separate flatscreen TV with a couch and ottoman in the corner that faces the TV. The bed has been positioned to face the balcony that stretches from the living room.

Suite Bedroom
Suite bedroom

Thus the back of the bed lies the bathroom which was beautiful and brightly lit. There was a huge bathtub in the centre and one bathroom vanity lies on each side. The left side of the bathroom features the toilet and bidet, the latter which seems to be prominent in all Indian luxury hotels. On the right side there was a separate shower stall.

Bathtub in the Suite
Bathtub in the suite

Amenities included in the suite were by ‘Cornelia Signature’ and it was sweet floral scent which is quite good to use and I am neutral about it which means it is not better or worse than the usual Jane Jacobs branded toiletries usually found in Grand Hyatt hotels.

Shower Stall on the right
Suite bathroom

As I also mentioned earlier, there was a large balcony that faces the bay and this is perhaps the icing on the suite. Because there was a fully functional outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony which can easily fit 2 person. There was also 2 lazy chairs and a 2 seater couch by the wall.

Jacuzzi with a Sea View
Jacuzzi with a sea view

Being pleased with my room, I head over to the Grand Club lounge for the complimentary evening snacks and cocktails that came as perks of a Hyatt Diamond member. The Grand Club is located in guest house 7 which is on the other side of the property past the swimming pool. Amongst all the guest houses, this one is also probably the largest of the lot with a nice fountain courtyard in the middle.

Courtyard of Guesthouse 7
Courtyard of guesthouse 7

For a relatively large property the Grand Club is actually medium sized and not too large. There was ample seating for the guests that evening but if the property is full, finding seats might be a problem. The Grand Club also has its own reception as well as a TV lounge.

Grand Club Lounge
Inside the Grand Club lounge

The food served in the lounge was actually quite substantial. There was the usual papadums with chutneys, some small cocktail appetizers like parma ham with melon as well as a good fruits and desserts selection. There was also a salad bar and an extensive bar fridge with wines and beers served during this time. In addition, guests could also order some hot tapas from the a-la-carte menu. Basically I was quite full after having 2 servings of calamari and shrimps (due to a case of double order) plus all the other assorted snacks. The staff at this Grand Club lounge is also fantastic and provides very attentive service such as offering guests drinks and beverages as well as taking food orders enthusiastically. They also reminded guests before they cleared the buffet counter so that guests could go for their last bites.

Papadum with Chutneys and other Snacks
Papadum with chutneys and other snacks

The Grand Hyatt Goa is a luxury resort and it has the amenities to match. From buggy service between the guest house to a wonderful swimming pool, the resort feel tranquil and yet accessible. This could be due to how the guest houses are spread out and thus ensuring much peace for guests. The swimming pool in the day pumps out popular music that adds a certain vibe while not being too loud as I still noticed some guests having no problem reading with the background music.

Full moon over the Grand Hyatt
Full moon over the Grand Hyatt Goa
Poolside Loungers
Poolside loungers

While in Goa, the main attraction is perhaps the beach. Though the Grand Hyatt Goa has a beach, it is not really meant for swimming in. Guests would do well swimming in the main pool which is large and beautiful. However the beach is nice to stroll in with soft shimmering sand that has a sparkling texture in the sunlight. Somehow it looks different compared to beaches elsewhere. Between the beaches and the guest house 7, there was also a small ruin which adds some heritage flavour. If I am correct, the guest houses are also built with architectural influences based on the colonial era.

Palm Grove with a Bay View
Palm grove with a bay view
Shimmering Sands of Bambolim
Shimmering sands of Bambolim beach

In addition to the facilities, the hotel does have several restaurants to dine in, though they does not seem to provide as much variety as the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. The main all-day dining venue is ‘The Dining Room’ in the east wing of the main building while the west wing houses an Indian restaurant called ‘Chulha’ and a fine dining restaurant called ‘The Verandah’. For Hyatt Diamond members, they could have breakfast at The Dining Room or at the Grand Club lounge, and I had it at the former since there was more selection and I got to be seated at the outdoor patio facing the pool.

The Dining Room during Breakfast
The Dining Room during breakfast
Preparing Dosa for breakfast
Preparing dosa for breakfast

Similar to the other hotels, there was the usual made-to-order dosas, egg stations, a huge selection of Danish pastries, salads and fruits. Probably one of the best breakfast served in the Hyatt properties I visited thus far. The hotel also served one of the tastiest dosa I had during my trip so this was another plus! Perhaps the ambience during breakfast mattered since I had a nice cool sea breeze, plenty of sunshine with the blue skies and the serenity of the resort in the morning.

Breakfast of Dosa
Breakfast of dosa

For my stay in Goa, I visited 2 different properties and I was glad I did because I enjoyed both the Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt Goa. They do cater to different needs and really depends on what guests are looking for. Since I had suites for both stays, I had more or less similar sized rooms so that makes for a good comparison. Both stays were also at the end of my India trip where I wanted to just relax in the resort and just enjoy their facilities.

Guest House No 7 in the Morning
Guest house 7 in the morning

I would say the Grand Hyatt feels more like a luxury hotel but it has a generic-feel since the pool design and furnitures are similar to some other Hyatt properties in design. Neither does it have a real beach but it was tranquil and has an upscale atmosphere. In my next post I would compare it to the Park Hyatt Goa which would provide potential visitors to Goa a better perspective on the resort they would like to visit. If the question was would I visit the Grand Hyatt Goa again, I would answer definitely since I do enjoy this visit and the staff at the resort has been fantastic and perhaps the best since my visit to the Fairmont Jaipur.

Reflection on the Water Feature
Reflection on the water feature

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