Fascinating India: Grand Hyattt Mumbai and Dinner at Soma

The drive from the airport to the Grand Hyatt should not take long but because this is Mumbai with grid-locked traffic, it took about nearly half an hour or so to reach the hotel. First impressions of Mumbai was that it was much busier than Delhi. The Grand Hyatt Mumbai is not located in the city centre, and rather located in a rather new area with some empty land around it. If you do find the hotel’s location from Google Maps, it is actually close to the airport.

Reception Lobby
Reception lobby

As the name sounds, this is a truly grand hotel, and could also be classified as a convention hotel as guests arrive at the large foyer with stairs that leads up to the lobby or down to the function areas. With a lot of rooms, this hotel was very busy with many business travellers and it was very lively in the lobby when I arrived in the evening around 8pm. However I was told to proceed to the Grand Club lounge for check-in and I figured might as well so that I can check out the club lounge too.

Grand Club Lounge
Grand Club lounge in Mumbai

The club lounge was located on the 1st floor which is technically the second floor since the main lobby is at the ground floor. Check-in was a bit long and took some time before a room was assigned. Fortunately the process was with me seated.

Room No: 2160 Category: Club King Room

I was assigned a normal club king room that was located just one floor above the club lounge. There was a set of stairs connecting both 1st and 2nd floor. The first thing that came to mind was how the layout of the room was similar to the Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu. The bathroom has 2 doors leading to the bedroom, one from the entry foyer and the other from the bedside.

Bathroom Console
Bathroom console in the Grand Club King room

Inside the bathroom, there was a bathtub with the shower stall in one section and a toilet in the other. The bathroom amenities are also quite nice and seems to be an Indian brand with the sweet scent of Honey and Vanilla. The bathtub also included a beautiful lavender soap and bath salts. I generally like this bathroom layout as it meant the wardrobe is located within the bathroom itself.

Bathroom in the Grand Club Room
Bathroom in the Grand Club King room
Bathroom Amenity
Bathroom amenity
Lavender Bath Soap and Salts
Lavender bath soap and salts

For the bedroom itself, it was quite small, and perhaps due to the suites and grand rooms I had in the last couple of days, it seems modest by comparison. But do not get me wrong, I still like this hotel and room a lot since it felt cosy. I attribute it to the Hyatt decor of using warm wood tones and the whole room just clicked. There was a couch at the corner, a comfortable King bed, a glass-topped work desk with 2 chairs, and a good-sized flatscreen TV.

Grand King Room
Grand King room
Bedroom at the Grand Hyatt
Bedroom at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai

However the main draw of this hotel has got to be the scale of the artworks that is curated by the hotel. In fact one of the perks I enjoyed was that walking into the hotel feels like visiting a contemporary art museum. The lobby foyer hosts several sculptures inlaid with Indian art and forms a very inviting entrance to the hotel.

More Art Pieces around the Lobby
Sculptures around the lobby foyer

And then there is the beautiful courtyard in the middle of the hotel with a conical sculpture that is inlaid with stained glass and mirrors to create a reflecting mosaic. Coupled with the moonlit night and the lights celebrating the festive Christmas season with a Christmas tree, it made for a bright atmosphere.

Beautiful Courtyard
Beautiful courtyard at night
Artwork in Moonlit Night
Conical sculpture in moonlit night

In addition to sculptures and contemporary art pieces, the hotel also has several paintings with that showcases modern Indian art in the public spaces like the elevators and around the function space.

Paintings around the Elevator Lobby
Paintings around the elevator lobby
Contemporary Artwork
Contemporary artwork around the function area

Another venue with a lot of paintings would be the Indian restaurant named Soma. In fact the hotel houses several big restaurants including a Chinese restaurant that serves Peking Duck. Probably that was why there was some Chinese guests staying in the hotel. I did have my dinner at Soma that night and ordered a set meal comprising of pomfret in curry as the main course. The usual appetizer plate of papadums and assorted chutneys were served first and again I did nearly finish them as I could live with them every meal!

Chutneys and Papadum
Chutneys and papadum

Somehow the curry in southern India lacks the kick or spiciness of its northern varieties. While the pomfret was alright, the curry was just not flavourful enough. In fact I think I had better fish (fish head) curries in Singapore. However the main course had something I immensely enjoyed. I ordered garlic naan as the roti accompaniment for the main course. It was like a garlic snowflake pizza from this popular Korean restaurant called ‘Mad for Garlic’ except without cheese and pineapples. But it tasted real good and left me wanting for more!

Dinner of Pomfret Curry
Dinner of pomfret curry at Soma

Finally for dessert, I had the ‘malai kulfi’, a well known dessert that was one of the choices in Bukhara as well. This was actually an Indian ice-cream flavoured with saffron. This was one dessert I actually enjoyed in India. The taste was not that sweet and had a fragrant and nice lingering after taste. It felt like the traditional ice cream of yesteryears which I had in my childhood.

Dessert of Malai Kulfi
Dessert of Malai Kulfi, an Indian ice cream flavoured with saffron

The dinner was actually not too bad, even if it was not my favourite meal in India, it was one of the most beautiful restaurants I have been to. For guests staying in the Grand Hyatt Mumbai, I recommend a meal in the Soma restaurant.

Artwork in Soma Restaurant
Artwork in Soma restaurant

Breakfast was complimentary for Club Room guests and Hyatt Diamond members and I had it in the Club Lounge. There was a small a-la-carte menu but there was not a wide choice of food on the buffet counter itself. A slightly lacking breakfast compared to other Grand Hyatt properties I have been to. One thing I enjoyed was the hazelnut twist pastry that they had. I also had paratha with curry for breakfast from the a-la-carte menu.

Breakfast Spread at the Grand Club
Breakfast spread at the Grand Club

Breakfast spread at the Grand Club


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