Fascinating India: Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

Why did I move to the Hyatt Regency Gurgaon on the second night in Delhi? Well the hotel had a very good rate  of 5000 Rupees which was half of what Hyatt Regency Delhi was charging. Since I did not really have a great stay in the HR Delhi, I thought it was a good decision as Gurgaon was closer to Jaipur anyway which was my next stop in my Indian trip. However what I did not know was that Gurgaon is located on the outskirts of Delhi and thus it took about 50 minutes to get to from ITC Maurya where I had my dinner, and probably about 30 minutes from the airport. Thus this might make a good hotel if you are having a layover in Delhi with the intention to travel to Jaipur or Agra.

Lobby Entrance
Lobby entrance

When I arrived at the hotel, there was no one to be seen at the entrance. And it even took sometime for the bellboy to come out and collect my luggage. Not a very good sign in my opinion. The hotel is quite new and I was told that the Regency club rooms were not even ready yet. This meant I was assigned a standard room and the agent continued to explain all the facilities within the hotel.

Hotel Gym
Hotel gym

The fact the hotel was incomplete was seen even in the hallways leading to the room with flickering lights. Later during the stay, the power supply was even cut off temporarily only to come back up a minute later. On check-out I was told that they have been having problems with electricity supply in the area.

Room No: 618 Category: Standard King Room

Bathroom with Shower and a Tub
Bathroom with shower and a tub

Anyway the standard room was actually very good with a long entryway, and this meant a similarly large wardrobe space. On the right was the bathroom which also features a bathtub and a separate shower area. There was a see-through glass window from the shower area to the bedroom with electronically operated blinds.

View from the Couch
View of the room from the couch

The bedroom was equally spacious with a King bed, plush carpeting and a seating corner at the end where a fruit platter was placed on the table. The room was furnished with wood veneer that spread out from the walls to the work desk, similar in style to most Hyatt Regencies in Asia. It gave the room a warm and comfortable feeling.

Bedroom Perspective
Bedroom perspective

While the hotel was not fully operational since there is really nothing around the hotel as it was all incomplete construction around it with the highway just outside the hotel. This meant guests could only have meals in the hotel unless they head out to the nearest town. However the hotel does have the gym ready for use and there was also an outdoor pool on the ground floor that was visible from the room.

Regency Club Lounge
Regency club lounge in Gurgaon
Reading Corner in the Lounge
Reading corner in the lounge

The Regency club lounge was located at the one of the higher floors that was apparently mislabelled. It was a nice large lounge that also features a separate check-in counter along with a TV lounge and individual loungers to work or read a book. It was a good space to lounge in and the breakfast offerings in the lounge was also much better than what was offered in Delhi with a variety of Indian dishes and a better pastry selection. I ordered a plain dosa which was delivered with the dip to my table for breakfast.

Dosa for Breakfast
Dosa for breakfast

When I checked out after breakfast at the lobby, there was a problem with their credit card machine which meant some delays in making payments. Operationally, I found this hotel to still not be ready to accept guests with all the problems but at least the staff do try to make guests feel invited. The location can also be a bit costly as taxis would be more expensive due to the toll fees to enter and leave Delhi. Compared to the Hyatt Regency Delhi though, I thought this hotel was much better value for the money due to the better breakfast selection and newer rooms.


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