Fascinating India: Hyatt Regency Delhi

From the Indira Gandhi International Airport, it took probably around 20-25 minutes to reach the Hyatt Regency Delhi and my first impression of the country when I arrived was the bustle of the city along with the feeling of it being like Indonesia in terms of traffic and all. Using the radio taxi at the airport, I was assigned a cab that runs on compressed natural gas or CNG for short. This meant there was limited luggage space at the back and the taxi was not very clean either so I was glad to arrive at the Hyatt.

Lobby Area
Lobby of Hyatt Regency Delhi

The Hyatt Regency is quite a grand establishment in Delhi located near embassies in a relatively affluent and green part of town towards the south. The main entrance porch is located above the street level and there was a crowd of people who just left from a function of some sorts. Fortunately I was able to get a bellboy to help me with my luggage once I arrived.

Main Floor Cafe and Restaurant
Main floor cafe and restaurant

Since there was not much crowds in the lobby, I headed straight to the reception desk to check in. The check-in took some time and was quite a slow process and the agent made no mention of any upgrade even though I was assigned a Regency Suite. And this was only a fact I knew upon check-out. Hyatt Diamond guests also could only have breakfast at the Regency club and not at the main floor restaurant.

Regency Suite Foyer
Regency suite foyer

Room No: 520 Category: Regency Suite King

Upon entering the room, I was pleased to see a living room and a large entry foyer. Beside the foyer there was an illy espresso machine and on the left is a cabinet with a mirror and a luggage stand. There was a nice couch and armchair in the centre of the living room and a bowl of red apples in the coffee table. At the end of the suite by the window is a work desk with 2 chairs. There was also a bowl of candies on the desk which was nice.

Regency Suite King
Regency king suite

There was 2 flat screen TVs in the suite, with one facing the work desk and the other facing the King size bed. The bedroom is separate from the living space but there was no door or partition in between. There was also a couch and ottoman inside the bedroom.

King Bedroom
King bedroom with couch and ottoman

Beside the bedroom lies the bathroom which is tiled in white marble though it has one of the most interesting bathroom layouts that resembles a kind of a maze. There was a vanity counter with a bowl-shaped sink and a bathtub along the wall. Between the tub and the wall was a small walkway leading to the showers and a separate area for the toilet. While it was nice to have a separate tub and shower, the layout meant that the tub was really small and with the low ceiling there was some feeling that the bathroom was not that spacious. The hotel also uses a generic looking amenity that does not feel any good to use. It is even worse than the standard Portico bath amenities if I must say.

Separate Bathtub and Shower Stall
Separate bathtub and shower

The suite would definitely be a nice place to spend the night in if not for the fact that there was no view whatsoever in the morning and though there was a nicer view from the Regency club lounge.

Bathroom Amenities
Bathroom amenities

The next morning, I had breakfast at the Regency Club which was a very large lounge with areas for casual discussions and gathering as well as corners to read magazines and a long dining table. The lounge was stocked with fruits and some snacks in the afternoon and evening as well and does have a good selection of soft drinks, wine and beer in the fridge.

Regency Club Lounge
Regency club lounge
Club Lounge Dining Area
Club lounge dining area

However the breakfast in the lounge was really disappointing since there was a limited selection of Indian dishes though guests could order the usual eggs. Beyond that there was really not much in terms of breakfast offerings and I would say it is worse than some Hyatt properties in North America, and definitely the worst breakfast during this trip.

Regency Club Lounge
Regency club lounge

After breakfast I head out to explore the sights of the city before returning to the hotel in the afternoon for a late check-out. I had some snacks in the club lounge after the check out and noticed that they do have some good selections in the afternoon including some cakes and cookies. The hotel as I mentioned earlier was a large one with a courtyard at the back that has a relatively quadrilateral pool. Since it was winter and slightly cloudy, there was no one in the pool and there was some refurbishment works outside as well.

Courtyard with Small Pool
Courtyard with small pool

During check out I noticed a discrepancy in the room rate and this was attributed by the agent at the Regency Club to the fact that I got a suite upgrade and that the taxes were higher. But upon confrontation, the agent did change it closer to what I should be charged. It was definitely interesting to note of this ‘higher taxes when upgraded to a suite’ policy since there was no such occurence in other Hyatt properties I stayed at.

View from the Regency Club Lounge
View from the Regency club lounge

Another incident that left me in frustration was when I wanted to ask the concierge to help me call my taxi driver whom I have arranged to drive me to the Hyatt Regency Gurgaon. Apparently even with the namecard, the concierge did not wish to help me and insisted on the taxi queue policy. I managed to resolve this in the end but only after much disagreement and calling the taxi driver up. This incident showed how lacking the hotel is in catering to its guests’ needs.

Rear Facade of the Hyatt Regency Delhi
Rear facade of the Hyatt Regency Delhi

As a whole, my stay in the Hyatt Regency Delhi was acceptable though not without hiccups. Next time I am in town, I might actually consider the ITC Maurya instead, which is part of the SPG circle of hotels and has 2 well renown Indian restaurants.


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