Comparing GA, SQ and MH: And the Best Economy Class is…

Comparing GA, SQ and MH: Introduction
Comparing GA, SQ and MH: Garuda Indonesia DPS-CGK
Comparing GA, SQ and MH: Singapore Airlines CGK-SIN
Comparing GA, SQ and MH: Malaysia Airlines DPS-KUL
Comparing GA, SQ and MH: And the Best Economy Class is…

Let’s recap the comparison review between the 3 full-service South East Asian airlines as we rate them on 1) Check-in Process, 2) Boarding Process, 3) Seat Comfort, 4) Quality of Food, 5) In-flight Entertainment, 6) Service by Cabin Crew and 7) In-flight Ambience.

Check-in Process

GA 3.5    SQ 4       MH 4

Boarding Process

GA 2       SQ 5       MH 3

Seat Comfort

GA 4       SQ 4.5    MH 3

Quality of Food

GA 1.5    SQ 4.5     MH 3

In-flight Entertainment

GA 2.5     SQ 5       MH 3

Service by Cabin Crew

GA 3.5     SQ 4       MH 3

In-flight Ambience

GA 4       SQ 4.5     MH 3


GA 22     SQ 31.5   MH 22

It was clear from the comparison that Singapore Airlines still leads the pack and it is no wonder since they are frequently named as the best airline in the world. It is also no secret that Garuda Indonesia’s revitalization plan is built as a challenge to Singapore Airlines. They lead in terms of consistency to their inflight product and it is definitely easier to have it when you have one of the best maintained fleet of all wide-body jets. Singapore Airlines does not operate 737s or A320s aside from those by its subsidiary Silk Air.

Another factor that makes them so successful is the process that they have built including a boarding structure that they follow nearly every flight that some passengers have given their crew the moniker of being ‘robotic’. Again as a passenger it is no matter to me if the whole flying experience becomes fuss-free and adds more convenience.

The hard product onboard is also unrivalled with tasty and well presented meals, one of the best entertainment options and a plush carpeted cabin. In the long run, if Garuda Indonesia can step up on its catering and video choices on its aircraft, it can come closer to beating Singapore Airlines. If there is any one flaw in this review is that perhaps I did not really consider the value of the tickets into consideration to add a value-for-money rating. Singapore Airlines is indeed more expensive in many routes that it operates but as this comparison test shows, it is indeed a much more premium service in comparison to MH or GA. And to re-iterate, the cost of these 3 individual segments are around $120-140 each, based on the pro-rated price of the segment in the whole itinerary.

Right now based on this comparison, I hereby declare Singapore Airlines to have the Best Economy Class amongst South East Asian Airlines.


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