Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Bali

A few years back, I had dinner at the Potato Head Restaurant in Jakarta, which is located in the upscale Pacific Place Mall in the business district. The branch of Potato Head in Bali is located in the Seminyak area, probably a 20 minutes drive from the airport and 30-40 minutes away from the resort complexes of Nusa Dua. Guests arrive in the restaurant via a driveway and the ground floor is occupied by a nice boutique selling niche fashion items. A rampway that is disabled-friendly brings diners up to the main restaurant.

Ceiling Detail
Ceiling detail at Potato Head Bali

As we arrived, the receptionist enquired if we would want to go for the Asian cuisine restaurant or the international cuisine side. Since the international menu looks more appetizing, that was our choice. Furthermore the Asian cuisine side seems to be really empty in the late afternoon. Inside, the guests were a good mix of Asians, Australians and Europeans. There was also a lot of families enjoying the pool facing the beach. The eclectic decor of the restaurant befits its unique name and the restaurant’s sister outpost in Bali features the same entry way.

Potato Head Beach Club
Pool at the Potato Head Beach Club

We were glad to have a seat on the main floor, that has a nice view of pool and the beach while still being sheltered from the sun. There were lounge seats on the lower tier of the club closer to the pool which would be suitable for those looking for chilling out in the afternoon.

Iced Tea and No-jito
Iced tea and No-jito

For drinks my friend ordered a cup of iced tea while I got a glass of no-jito, their version of a non-alcoholic mojito. The no-jito was a mix of sugarcane and lime concoction if I remember correctly. It was a very refreshing and tasty drink that I liked.

For the main course, I ordered the crispy skin chicken atop a braised pumpkin while my friend ordered the fish and chips. Both dishes surpassed my expectations with the fish being very crispy and the fries deep-fried to perfection. The fish was also coated with a slightly peppery batter that made it look like chicken fingers, so that was a unique point of the dish. Meanwhile the chicken breast was tender and juicy and had a nice tangy sauce that was drizzled over it. In addition the creamy pumpkin added a sweet flavour to the dish while the chicken skin was crispy as advertised. While the portion was small, it gave me the opportunity to order desserts.

Crispy Skin Chicken atop Braised Pumpkin
Crispy skin chicken atop braised pumpkin
Fish and Chips
Fish and chips

For dessert, I ordered the pandan creme brulee with nougatine ice cream. The pandan flavour was not bad in a creme brulee but the ice cream lacks a kick and I thought it could have been better. The large portion of the dessert in comparison to the main course was also a flaw in my opinion since the creme brulee became too much after some time.

Pandan Creme Brulee with Nougatine Ice Cream
Pandan creme brulee with nougatine ice cream

Generally the food here was definitely better than I expected and offers some surprises as well. The wide selection of drinks make this a very nice chill-out all-day cafe. Moreover the furnishing, the architecture and the restaurants location by the beach definitely makes this a destination in itself while in Bali. I would totally recommend a visit to Potato Head Beach Club while visiting Bali!


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