Airline Business Strategy Game on Mobile from KLM

For aviation enthusiasts and gamers, KLM has actually launched an airline business building game called ‘Aviation Empire’ that is available for download on Android and iOS system. Unlike many 2D strategy games on iTunes, this one is actually 3D so it does take up a bit of computing power and works best for iPhone 5 users and above. Probably launched by KLM in conjunction with the recently launched iPad Air and iPad Mini since I downloaded it first on the older generation iPad Mini and it does not work that well but plays excellent on the iPhone.

The game revolves around KLM, naturally and has 2 basic scenarios to play, one being the story mode to follow the rich history of one of the world’s oldest airline. The other is an advanced mode that allows gamers to try and build their own airline. Other than that, they have to upgrade their airplane fleets as the game progresses and expand their own airports and maintenance facilities. Definitely a pretty neat game from KLM that helps gamers understand how the airline industry works!

Anyway, here is a trailer on Youtube for the game, and if you are interested in downloading it for iOS, do click here.


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