Trio of Surabaya Hotels: Contemporary Sheraton Towers Surabaya

Surabaya Hotels: Sheraton Towers Surabaya
Surabaya Hotels: JW Marriott Surabaya
Surabaya Hotels: Hotel Majapahit

Having stayed at the Sheraton Towers Surabaya, this is usually my preferred choice for lodging in the city. Room rates can range between Rp 800,000 to Rp 1,200,000 (~US$75-110) depending on how busy the hotel is and this is in line with most of the upper end hotels. As a SPG Platinum member, the usual upgrade would be to the Club Rooms or the Premium Deluxe Rooms, though I have also been provided a suite. I would post 2 different room configurations in this review for a better understanding of the room upgrades. The hotel also has some lower range rooms located at the lower floors which is obviously less desirable. Security check is conducted as well before driving along a driveway to the top of a ramp. Right beside the entrance lobby, guests can connect into the Tunjungan Plaza shopping mall which is one of the largest in the city.

Lift Lobby
Elevator lobby at the SPG floor

It is obviously not easy to walk to and from the hotel to the street level, and the best way to do so is via the shopping mall since the access to the lobby is equivalent to the 2nd floor of the mall. There is a grand lobby with twin curved staircase that greets guests on entering and surprisingly I was asked to proceed to the Sheraton Club Lounge on the 25th storey for check-in. Though on some occasion, the front desk receptionist would just check Platinum guests on the lobby floor. If there is a queue, it makes sense to head up since the SPG desk beside the reception counter is never manned (or at least I have never seen anyone handling check-in over there.

Junior Suite Room
Junior suite room

During my previous stays here, I have been upgraded to a Deluxe Suite before, and this time over the course of 2 stays, was upgraded to what I think is their Junior Suite and a Premium Deluxe Room. The Junior Suite I was assigned was located at the end of the walkway one floor above the club lounge. Unlike the Deluxe Suite where the living space is separate from the bedroom, the Junior Suite is essentially just a much larger room with a 2-seater sofa and an armchair at the corner. The bathroom is slightly larger but the Deluxe suite has 2 bathrooms. On the other hand, the Deluxe Premium room are located right above or below the club lounge. These rooms have an extended space that allows the placement of sofas. Generally I prefer the Premium Deluxe rooms since it allows guests seated on the sofa to watch the TV as well.

Premium Deluxe Room
Premium deluxe room
Premium Deluxe King Room
Another view of the premium deluxe roon

Inside the bathroom, the shower and the bathtub are separate, though the bathroom size are usually of a standard size. Due to the layout of the room, the Junior Suite probably has the larger bathrooms. However it does not change any of the amenities within the bathroom, since the standard Sheraton Mandarin and Mint scent can be found in both the standard and suite rooms. They have a pleasant scent and is probably one of the better generic bathroom amenities in major hotel chains.

Bathroom Vanity Counter
Bathroom vanity counter
Bathroom Amenity
Bathroom amenity

Minibar at Sheraton Towers
Minibar at Sheraton Towers Surabaya

All the rooms have a standard minibar and the housekeeping staff are generally generous with refreshing the small bottles of mineral water as they provide 2 bottles in the bathroom and 2 beside the work desk. The photo below of the minibar was taken from my past visit in 2011 where the glasses were wrapped in plastic, though they no longer does that nowadays. However there seems to be an upgrade to the tea provided as they provide TWG tea on the club floor rooms now. As a welcome, there was also a fruit platter and a small plate of chocolates for Platinum guests. One reason I like this property was the staff at the Club Lounge though who are always very friendly to guests, and they will greet you enthusiastically every morning during breakfast and in the evening when you head over for drinks and hot snacks. Since they seem to have a kitchen in the club lounge, guests can order made-to-order eggs. The espresso machine on the club lounge also dispenses much better coffee than the lobby restaurant.

Towers Lounge at Sheraton Surabaya
Towers Club Lounge at Sheraton Surabaya
Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers
Scrambled eggs with ham and peppers

If there was any fault with the hotel, it has to be the central air conditioning system which I find can be too cold for comfort. Though there is an effective control console to make sure the room does not get too cold, or you can even switch the air-conditioning off for a short period of time. One reason why this is my favourite place to stay in Surabaya is probably because it provides easy access to the shopping mall beside that has a large variety of food choices along with the convenience of supermarkets and pharmacies which makes it feasible for a long-stay property. Room rates at the Sheraton Surabaya can range between Rp 800,000 to Rp 1,250,000 depending on the season and how full the hotel was. At the lower end, they are generally great value since they provide one of the best all-around lodging options in Surabaya.


5 thoughts on “Trio of Surabaya Hotels: Contemporary Sheraton Towers Surabaya

  1. Your pictures are always nice, looks like wide angle lens, yet there is minimal distortion. What’s your camera and lens? Also…I’ve stumbled into your blog while searching for review for Hyatt in Tokyo, you’ve kept a very well written travel blog. But I’ve yet to see anybody commenting on your blog. Also noticed the tags are in both English and Chinese, but your blog is in English only. This blog for your own personal use?

    1. @rosanne thanks for your kind comments, I have used mainly a 5d mk II with 16-35mm lens, and with the Canon lens, distortion is kept to a minimum. To eliminate it, I use Adobe Lightroom. Right now it is a personal blog for my travel journal

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