Not Nearly a Suite: Park Hyatt Tokyo Park View Room

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Park Hyatt Tokyo Park View Room
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Arriving into Shinjuku might be terrifying for the first-time traveller since this railway station is the busiest in the whole world. Not only is it a labyrinth in the station, it is best if you exit at where you want to otherwise there will be a long detour to your destination. The rain meant I do not want that detour outdoors. Having been here before, I instinctively knew which exit to head towards and the signs along with maps of the area in the station helped me to navigate my way to the West Gate near the Odakyu department store. From there I had to walk across the street to wait for the Park Hyatt Tokyo shuttle bus which is a minibus that arrived quickly though there was no shelter in the bus stop which can be inconvenient during rainy days. I rather prefer the shuttle bus stop for the Hyatt Regency Tokyo which is sheltered just outside the Odakyu department store.

Elevator Lobby Decoration
Elevator lobby decoration
Hotel Lobby Atrium
41st floor lobby atrium
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower
View of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower

The shuttle bus took around 10 minutes to reach the Park Hyatt Tokyo and I was helped with my luggage from the bus stop. The hotel main entrance is also situated higher than the ground floor which means guests need to hike up a slope or take the stairs by the side to reach the hotel if walking on foot to and from the subway station at Tochomae. Upon arrival, there was also a reception agent who escorted me all the way to the room immediately from the front porch. Along the way, I decided to enquire if I was able to upgrade to a suite using the vouchers provided as Hyatt Diamond. However, they mentioned that the rate I was booked was for ‘travel agents only’. This was odd since I booked the rate using a special code shown on the hotel’s website. Though upon entering the room, it was good enough especially as I was upgraded to a Park View Room which is basically like a corner room that is bigger than many hotel’s Junior Suites. The hotel’s ‘green’ carpet is indeed that colour and while it is not shown in my photos, it was due to the lighting in the evening. The green carpeting is more obvious in the hotel’s corridor.

Entrance Foyer
Entrance foyer to a Park View room

The first thing one sees on entrance is a side bar counter where the Nespresso machine is located at. There is also a tea set and the minibar along with glasses on the counter. On the right was the huge walk-in closet that leads to the bathroom. The design is similar to the closet in the Park Hyatt Melbourne and it is really nice to access the closet from the bathroom for the purpose of hanging your laundry and all the luggage one brings.

Walk-in Closet
Walk-in closet

The bathroom is a tiled with marble and has a large soaking tub at the end with a window overlooking the skyscrapers of Shinjuku. There is also a small TV beside the sink. Along the wall is the enclosed toilet and shower cubicle. This is definitely a very nice and spacious bathroom and it also comes equipped with Aesop bath amenities, though guests not used to this brand can always request for other bath amenities. When I enquired about this, the housekeeping department sent someone up with amenities by Shiseido and shower gel by Biore. Such is the level of luxury in this property that one can choose the type of bath amenities. There was also some variety of Aesop amenities like the one provided in Park Hyatt Seoul. There was also a sit down dressing area in the bathroom which was another luxurious touch.

Bathroom Perspective
Bathroom in a Park View room

Inside the room, the only welcome amenity I could see was a small box of nuts and a letter. Unlike the Park Hyatt Seoul or the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, though, there was not any snack box that guests can enjoy. This was a disappointment. Even the welcome amenity I received from the Hyatt Regency Tokyo was much better. Though I guess the Nespresso machine made up a little for the lack of any beverage amenity.

Room Key and Hyatt Diamond Welcome
Room key and Hyatt Diamond welcome amenity

Another thing to note is the Park Hyatt Tokyo is a relatively old property and the hotel does not seem to have been renovated yet. This means traditional keys are used for the rooms. The standard rooms, however are spacious and probably one of the largest in Tokyo. Being situated in the upper end of a tall building, the rooms also have amazing views of Tokyo. In the Park View room especially, I had a 270 degree view due to the corner location at the edge of the building. I believe the Park Suites have similar vantage viewpoints. Aside from the King-size bed, there was also an armchair with an ottoman. A glass work desk and 2 chairs is located by the corner windows. Overall, I have to say the room was spartanly designed but it was comfortable. The bed is also slightly on the firm side, which I liked, so guests who like a softer mattress with more cushion might be better off staying at the Grand Hyatt or Hyatt Regency.

Perspective of Park Deluxe Room
Perspective of Park View Room
King Bed
King bed at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

However the distinctive feature of this property has got to be the Club on the Park and the breakfast served by the hotel. Breakfast is served daily at the Girandole restaurant on the 41st floor along with the reception lobby. It was a nice restaurant with an a-la carte menu and buffet breakfast choices for guests. Though the only problem I had was the staff was very poor in English. Considering I had a much more competent staff in Hakone speaking English I do not see why this is not possible in the capital. I ordered muskmelon thinking it would be a juice since it was lumped under the section “Juices & Fruits”, and while I should have read closer and confirmed it was a juice, I was just misled by the way the menu was arranged. The staff was really apologetic about it even though I knew the fault was mine. Service standard as you can tell is really impressive here. For breakfast I had the buffet for one day and the Japanese breakfast set for the second morning. The buffet breakfast was a disappointment but the Japanese breakfast set is one of the most generous and I suggest guests to pick from the a-la carte menu since I believe that is a much better choice. As a Hyatt Diamond, my breakfast was complimentary and there was also supposed to be evening cocktails from 5 to 7pm at the New York Bar which I did not find the time to try out.

Japanese Breakfast Set
Japanese breakfast set at Girandole

During my stay, I was also able to use the Club on the Park bath facilities and swimming pool. The setting for the pool and fitness center on the 47th floor was amazing with floor-to-ceiling windows providing a great view out of the surrounding area. The staff in the club was also very helpful though guests who wants to have a swim needs to wear swimming caps, and the club does prepare some on loan for no fee along with swimming goggles. After the swim, guests can also use the spa facilities on the 45th floor which is one huge space with cold plunge pools, steam rooms, and hot sauna pools. There are also lounge spaces after the bath with magazines and tea for guests to enjoy. This space totally transforms the hotel into a luxurious urban resort and is probably one reason for me to stay here while in Tokyo.

Swimming Pool at the 47th Floor
Swimming pool at the 47th floor
Club on the Park Lounge
Club on the Park lounge
Aésop Bath Amenities in Club on the Park
Aésop bath amenities in Club on the Park

Comparing this hotel to the other Hyatt properties in Tokyo, I would say the Park Hyatt is probably one of the best in terms of value and location. Since I really like the Shinjuku location better than Roppongi and the Grand Hyatt Tokyo is frequently more expensive, I might choose the Park Hyatt especially when rates in the Hyatt Regency is close to ¥30,000. Otherwise I find the Hyatt Regency Shinjuku to be perfectly acceptable and their club rooms even has pretty good amenities and room design even if it is less than half the size of the Park View room. However, this is not my favourite hotel in the Hyatt group, as I found my stay in Park Hyatt Seoul to be much more superior in terms of service, room decor and amenities, and provides much better value overall.

Night View of Yoyogi Park
Night view of Yoyogi Park from a Park View room

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