San Diego Sojourn: US Airways PHX to SAN

US192 Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX – San Diego Lindbergh Field SAN
STD-STA: 2000-2114
Actual: 2054-2140
Airbus A321-200 N523UW
Seat 4C

Once on board, since I joined the common boarding group, most of the First Class passengers are already seated. Fortunately, there was still space for my carry on and upon seating down, the pre-beverage service started from row 4. Lucky me, being seated and just in time for a drink!

While we were taxiing, the lead attendant taking care of the First Class cabin came to talk to me about his similar passion for photography as he noticed my DSLR. We kind of exchanged some pointers and discussed about our passion for photography, until the time for take-off.

US Airways Domestic First
US Airways domestic First Class cabin

The first class cabin on the A321s feels more spacious, though this could also be the fact that there is 2 extra rows of First Class seats. Loads for this flight was similarly full and my seat mate was a guy who slept for most of the flight while occupying row 3 was a family of 4 who seems to be returning from a vacation. The load seems to be what one might expect between 2 holiday destinations in the United States.

With a short flight, the lead attendant quickly went about taking drink orders and distributing snacks for the passengers. Snacks was just a pack of savoury snack mix and I had it with a cup of Sprite.

Inflight Snack Mix and Sprite
Inflight snack mix and Sprite

The lead attendant was kept busy for most of the flight and until I finished my snacks. That is when he returned and continued to pick up the chat from where we stopped. We did not seem to bother the passenger beside me at all as he continued his nap. It was nice to pass the time chatting with the crew as I got to exchange some thoughts on Canon’s lenses and maybe get some pointers too! Before long, it was time for the descent and that would mark the end of our conversation as he got busy with his duties upon landing. I bid him adieu and just wished that it was a longer flight for the chance of a longer conversation.

Baggage Claim at SAN
Baggage claim at SAN
Arrivals at San Diego Airport
Arrivals at San Diego Airport

Arrival in San Diego, I was greeted with a nice new terminal which I thought is one of the nicest in the United States. I proceed to the baggage claim which is just a short walk down the escalators. While waiting for the luggage to come out of the carousel, I took the time to explore the terminal which was advertising JAL’s 787 service between San Diego and Narita. With this I wondered if that was why I had this pretty good deal of flying to Narita from San Diego. I say bring on the competition for better service and pricing of tickets to consumers!

Palm Trees outside SAN Airport
Palm trees outside San Diego airport

Waiting for the luggage took maybe 10-15 minutes which was acceptable and priority tagging does indeed work as my luggage was one of the first to come out. With that I headed into the cool summer night in San Diego to board the shuttle bus to the Andaz. Actually I should have just taken the taxi as it was another 10 minute wait for the shuttle to come and it wasn’t that long of a ride into the city anyway.


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