San Diego Sojourn: US Airways Club at Phoenix Sky Harbor

Arriving into Phoenix, I could immediately feel the heat. Actually I had played with the idea of spending a night or 2 at the The Phoenician resort in Phoenix, which is part of ‘The Luxury Collection’ by SPG, though I was glad I skipped on that option now. I did notice, however, that the views of the city on descent is really beautiful, so maybe I will head here in the winter season someday.

The Control Tower
The control tower at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport

As the flight was parked in the ‘higher’ A gates, I first head into the smaller US Airways Club and was granted access purely because I was coming from an international departure city. The Club here is really small though it was not that busy when I arrived. Besides chips, there was also olives and hot soup for passengers. The selection of drinks includes jugs of iced tea by the bar, which I immediately looked for due to the heat that could even be felt in the terminal!

US Airways Club Lounge
Smaller US Airways club lounge at the high-A concourse

Initially I had only expected a short stopover which was I picked the closest lounge to head to. Truthfully speaking, I did not have much expectations for a domestic ‘First Class’ lounge in the United States either thus figured it might not be worth the while to walk to the larger lounges. However, a delay for my connecting flight meant I got bored and proceeded to the larger lounge situated in the lower A concourse. This was where I found Phoenix airport to be easy to navigate and the sunset at the time allowed me to enjoy great views of the desert landscape surrounding the city.

US Airways at Phoenix
US Airways at Phoenix Sky Harbor

The larger club lounge was a much more pleasant space and it was even more quiet. There was not much difference in the views, and neither was there much to shout about the food and beverages offered but the larger lounge has a better selection of reading materials. Wifi in both lounges were easy to use and good enough for light browsing on the iPad and updating my Instagram through the iPhone. Thus, I settled down with a cup of iced coffee topped with hazelnut cream which was fantastic.

Larger US Airways Lounge
Larger US Airways lounge at the low-A concourse
Lounge Snacks and Iced Coffee
Iced hazelnut coffee with biscuit

Close to boarding time, I checked with the attendant for the boarding status of my flight but they did mention it would be announced. However, since the lounge seemed understaffed and I wanted to take some more photos along the way, I made my way back to the gate earlier as it was in the other section of the terminal. It was fortunate that I did that since I reached the gate in time just as they started boarding. All things considered, this was a very nice layover even with the delay connection due to the low passenger numbers in the lounge and the beautiful sunset view from the airport terminal. The good service and ease of connecting is what would make me think of flying with US Airways again!

Dusk at Sky Harbour
Dusk at Phoenix Sky Harbour

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