Ancestral Visit to Fujian: Cathay Pacific 747 between HKG and SIN

Our immediate stop once in HKIA’s main terminal was to head to The Wing Business Class Lounge for a shower and a meal before our next flight to Singapore. We had more than 3 hours to spare in the airport before our next flight and we spent most of the time in the lounge where I had a bowl of Dan-dan Noodles and a bowl of Japanese Udon with Prawns. Naturally I had them with a BBQ Pork Bun and ended it with a cup of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream.

Udon with Prawn and Vegetables at The Wing Lounge
Udon with prawn and vegetables at The Wing lounge

CX715 Hong Kong HKG – Singapore Changi SIN
STD-STA: 2000-2345
Actual: 2030-2353
Boeing 747-400 B-HUB
Seat 41H

There was not much to write about for this flight other than it being a common flight between 2 of Asia’s financial centres. However, this might just be one of my last 747-400 flights with Cathay Pacific before these jets are retired. Naturally the cabin is in the old design with the fixed shell seats prominent in the Economy Class. While I know many people do not enjoy these seats, I thought they were comfortable since it assures one of a fixed seat pitch. I have been on these seats on a trans-pacific crossing several times and thought they were okay.

Cathay Pacific's Boeing 747
Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 747 at HKIA

Even with the 747 being scheduled, the cabin was nearly full, and I was able to obtain a seat in the front cabin of the Economy Class. While the plane is pretty old, the cabin was still well maintained and kept clean. Though after having been on Cathay’s new 777-300ERs with the brighter cabin and new seats, it felt different.

Bulkhead Seats on the 747
Bulkhead economy class seats on the 747
Old Fixed-back Seats on Cathay Pacific
Old fixed shell seats on Cathay Pacific’s 747

Anyway, as I settled into the seat, there was some wait before we finally pullback and queued for the take-off. As expected, the bigger the plane, the longer it takes for boarding and that is perhaps the main drawback to flying with a larger jet. The benefit is that take-off felt more smooth and it would remain that way for most of today’s flight.

Not long after take-off, the cabin crew started to distribute the meals. As the flight was taken some time ago, I only had photos of the choice I picked which was Stir-fry Chicken with Rice. Inflight meals on Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines are always nice because there would usually be some sort of ice-cream or chocolate accompanying the meal service. And this meal is no different with a cup of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. There was a small bun and a fruit bowl in the tray to accompany the main dish. A difference between Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines (SQ) is on the hot towel service. While SQ hands them out to passengers before the meal service, Cathay includes packed wet towels in Economy Class.

Stir-fry Chicken with Rice
Stir-fry chicken with rice

The meal was average but I did enjoy the dessert while watching the inflight entertainment. Since this was a 747, it meant there was audio video on demand (AVOD) like in all of Cathay Pacific’s longhaul flights. With the entertainment and the various inflight reading materials onboard the flight, it was really easy to pass the time since it was a less than 4 hour journey between Hong Kong and Singapore.

Inflight Reading Materials
Inflight reading materials

Before long, we descended and made another smooth landed into Changi Airport. Again, disembarking a larger jet meant more waiting time but it was orderly at the very least. On the way out, I took another shot of the old herringbone style Business Class seats on the lower deck of the 747. Once more, another nice flight on Cathay Pacific, and it was fortunate that both the longer flights on this journey had audio video on demand unlike the really outdated screens in the regional 777 jets that Cathay Pacific frequently uses on routes to Singapore and Jakarta.


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