Ancestral Visit to Fujian: A Grand Welcome at Westin Xiamen

Since we were on a business trip in Quanzhou, we returned to Xiamen early and decided to spend the weekend exploring the city before our return flight to Singapore. This meant a last minute booking of a hotel. Fortunately rates were still relatively affordable and I decided to try out the Westin Xiamen which is a brand new hotel tower. We took a minivan courtesy of the business associate we were visiting to the Westin Xiamen and it was another smooth journey across the highway into Xiamen.

Westin Xiamen Lobby
Westin Xiamen reception lobby

Upon reaching the hotel, our luggage was collected and I proceeded to the check-in counter. Walking across the beautiful lobby, it felt familiar with the Westin scent providing a relaxing ambience. Check-in this time was more straightforward since I was only booking one room with a double bed. As expected I was upgraded to a nice Studio Suite with Double Beds. This is one of the few times I have obtained a suite with 2 beds. The room was located on a high floor that provides good views of the surrounding neighbourhood. The hotel is located in Wu Yi Plaza and just beside the traffic overpass, but it is the tallest building in the area so the view is naturally stunning. There is a convention centre, museum and a shopping mall around the hotel, but tourists might need to take a taxi to visit the main places of interest in Xiamen.

View from the bedroom at the Westin Xiamen

The studio suite assigned to us was a very comfortable room and there was a luxurious marble-tiled bathroom with dual sinks. The bathroom also featured a bathtub at the end along with separate glass-enclosed cubicles for the walk-in shower and toilet.

Luxurious Bathroom
Luxurious bathroom

In addition to a super huge bathroom, the room itself is large with space for 2 double beds that has a TV console that swivels between the beds and the small sitting area in the corner. At the end of the room is a work desk and Herman Miller office chair that was similarly featured in the Westin Guangzhou. The decor of the Westin Xiamen was nicer due to the softer hues and felt more comfortable. I would definitely rate the rooms in the Westin Xiamen to be better than that of the Le Meridien Xiamen.

Double Beds in the Studio Suite
Double beds in the studio suite
Swivelling TV in the Studio Suite
Swivelling TV in the studio suite

One reason the Westin is one of my favourite hotels in the SPG chain is perhaps because of the Westin Heavenly Bed and this property has very comfortable mattresses for a good night sleep. The room, the view and the lobby are all things to like about the Westin Xiamen, but another good reason to stay here is perhaps because of the Westin Club Lounge located on the 43-45th floor. Due to the unique architecture of the building, the top floor has a smaller footprint and thus the club lounge occupies a total of 3 floors giving guests a bird’s eye view of Xiamen.

VIP Check-in Area
Private check-in area at the Club Lounge

The club lounge is perhaps one of my favourite, as it has separate sections like a reading lounge complete with telescopes, a TV lounge, a private check-in area, a boardroom for meetings, the main dining area with a separate buffet counter as well as a private dining room.

Private Dining Table
Private dining room

With breakfast included, I chose to have it in the Club Lounge and they have an average spread of food choices. Though the lounge attendants did mention that we can order noodles and egg dishes for breakfast as well. Just for the view alone and the more private ambience, I think it is worth it having breakfast at the Executive Club Lounge. On the second morning, I had breakfast in the 2nd floor ‘Seasonal Tastes’ restaurant and the food spread was fantastic! In addition to the usual spread in the club lounge, there was a variety of rice and noodles dishes and international selections of entrees. The best part would be the wide variety of dessert for breakfast including bread pudding, sweet mochi with peanuts and of course this includes ice cream, which is why I find it amazing!

Lounge Area of the Club
Reading area with telescopes providing a great view of Xiamen
Night View of Xiamen
Night view of Xiamen from the lounge
Ice Cream and Fruits for Breakfast
Ice cream and fruits for breakfast

The twin bedroom with 2 double beds is really quite comfortable even for up to 4 people occupying the room. With a nice view and a beautiful club lounge, it is recommended one pays the premium for the club rooms that would include breakfast, evening cocktails and a lot of space to lounge at while in the property. I do believe that guests have the choice for breakfast in the restaurant as well which should have a wider selection of food. Even though the hotel is not located close to the main tourist attractions, this is one property I would return to if I am ever in Xiamen again.


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