Cathay Pacific cuts fares between Vancouver and New York

Fifth freedom flights are always interesting, and especially so in North America. Cathay Pacific operates a daily flight between Vancouver and New York (JFK), as part of its continuing flight from Hong Kong. What makes this flight special is that it is probably the best trans-continental flight on North America since Cathay Pacific is the only 5-star rated airline to operate a North American ‘domestic’ flight.

And for the month of April and presumably until the summer season, Cathay Pacific is having round-trip fares for as low as $589 round-trip. Certainly the price is about the same as what Air Canada charges on certain flights, but if prices are similar, Cathay Pacific is definitely a better way to fly across the continent. For a flight departing from Canada to the East Coast, I would certainly consider this to be a deal.

The only drawback is that the flight from Vancouver to New York is a red-eye flight, departing 22:50 from Vancouver, and arriving at 7:00 in the morning. This can be tiring, though immigration is definitely a walkover since it is one of the earliest flights to arrive in John F. Kennedy in New York. The return flight departs at 22:00 from New York JFK, arriving Vancouver at 00:50, nearly an hour past midnight which allows people to enjoy more time in New York of course!


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