Hyatt adds Passbook Application!

I was browsing through Hyatt’s website today checking the hotels for my upcoming stays and noticed the new ‘Add to Passbook’ functionality on my list of upcoming stays at Hyatt. What made it more interesting was that Upcoming Reservation Stub was not added through the Hyatt App, but can be done by asking Hyatt to send a link to your email where you can then add the Stub to your Passbook on iOS. I know it’s not a function most people will get to use, but I think the Passbook app in iOS is a great step in simplifying one’s life. For starters I already have my Cineplex ‘Scene’ Rewards Card on my Passbook. It basically shows the points I have accumulated after watching movies everytime in Canada, and it’s been feeling a bit lonely. I am awaiting SPG, Cathay Pacific and many others to create apps for Passbook, as I think it makes a difference to me as a consumer.

And now here is what my passbook looks like 🙂



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