Suite at the W Sentosa Cove Singapore

While searching for accomodations in Singapore, I came across the W that was having some sort of opening promotion and with expensive room prices in town, I figured trying the W Hotel in Sentosa Cove since I was quite flexible on location. I had  booked the standard Wonderful Room and the journey from the city to the hotel took about 20 minutes on taxi. Being a relatively new hotel, few taxi drivers are familiar with the property and guests should preferably have a printout of their reservation otherwise they will be charged for entry into Sentosa Island, which houses the Resorts World Singapore entertainment complex, several tourist attractions and Universal Studios. The W, however is located at the other end of the island at the residential area and it is not within walking distance to the attractions I mentioned earlier. The W Hotel has a shuttle bus service to these locations and to the Vivo City shopping complex on the mainland which has a subway station underneath it. However the shuttle bus does not operate during dinner time for 2 hours and it makes things a bit inconvenient somewhat since the shops around the hotel was not open yet.

W Hotel Singapore Entrance
Hotel Entrance

It is easy to spot the huge W sign once the taxi enters the Sentosa Cove neighbourhood and I was thus able to help direct the taxi driver. The hotel is located at the end of the road in a cul-de-sac and there was a beautiful porte cochere. The entrance lobby has a neat water feature though the reception desk is on the second floor and can be accessed by a couple of glass elevators or via the stairs. The hotel has a steak restaurant and an all-day dining restaurant where breakfast is also served at, and both are on the first floor. The lobby is large and spacious with sofas around the check-in area, and the choice of artworks matches with the theme of the W Hotels, giving it a similar feel and vibe as the W Hong Kong.

W Bar and Lobby Area
WooBar and Lobby Area

It was quiet slightly before noon when I checked in and as an SPG Platinum, I was upgraded to a suite with breakfast served in ‘The Kitchen Table’ restaurant. I made my way to the suite through the elevators and it was located at the end of the walkway. However I was surprised that there was someone in the suite and the door was ajar. It turns out there was some crew doing some maintenance work to the suite. However they just finished with their work and I was able to settle into the suite. The Marvelous Suite I was assigned has a very large living room on entry and powder room along the foyer. While the living room had a lot of design flair, it was just not to my liking as I thought it was too much for me. There was a small study desk area along the wall of the living room and a bar area containing the fridge and snacks on the side.

Marvellous Suite
Marvellous Suite Living Room
Marvellous Suite
Marvellous Suite Living Room
W Bed at the Suite
W Bed at the Suite

The adjoining room has a large bedroom which has a second flat-screen TV at the corner and a large closet by the door. The location of the bedroom is the best for the views out into the hotel. The wraparound balcony was also a nice feature to have with lounge chairs outside to enjoy the fresh air. The most amazing thing about the suite was its huge bathroom which has a free-standing bathtub and an overhead TV screen. However the TV screen not the easiest to set and it takes some fiddling and a call to the hotel’s in-house mechanic to help me set up the TV in the bathroom. Another design flaw is the tap for the rain shower inside the shower room, as it is very difficult to turn with soapy hands due to the lack of a lever. This results in a lot of wet towels while bathing as I need to turn on the water tap back on. A single sliding glass door acts as a screen for both the shower cubicle and the toilet section. Due to the hotel only being recently completed, there was the smell of cement and other epoxy that still lingers in the toilet area and I noticed it did not just affect this suite as I stayed in another suite on a separate stay and it still had that smell. Being in the suite, the familiar ‘bliss’ bath amenity was provided in larger bottles and this would be useful for frequent travellers as the bottles can be reused.

Marvellous Suite Sink and Tub
Marvellous Suite Bathroom

This property has got several Marvelous suites and they are usually located at the corners. However on my second stay the suite I was assigned had a view of the waterway. In my opinion the best suites are the one that faces the pool, though it can get noisy if there are a lot of guests using the pool.

For my stay I was provided with 2 complimentary cocktails at the WooBar on the lobby floor, though because it was on a weekday or the hotel was still in its soft opening phase, the place was quiet and there was only 2 other groups in the bar besides me and my friend.

Poolside Garden at the W
Poolside Garden at the W

The breakfast served in ‘The Kitchen Table’ was pretty good and on par as to my experience in the W Hong Kong. There is a western breakfast counter with made-to-order eggs benedict, and a buffet counter with all the side dishes. Another section is for freshly cooked noodles with your choice of toppings. There is also a juice and healthy yogurts counter beside the entrance and a pastry and sweets counter near the front. As in the W Hong Kong, the juices are pre-packed in a bottle with the hotel rotating their choice everyday though my favourite was the soursop juice they have.

W Hotel Swimming Pool
W Hotel Swimming Pool from the Suite

One of the main draw of staying here is the resort feel with a large pool and having a swim during the sunset was one of my best memories of staying here. There are plenty of lounge chairs to enjoy the breeze and the hotel also had a lighthouse tower where there is a bar area by the pool. Along the poolside closer to the bay are some hammocks where guests can relax in the evening. The hotel also has the bliss spa and gym in the ground floor below the lobby. This is definitely a place where locals can have a stay-cation though it kind of defeats the purpose if you have business in the city area.


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