A Week in the Life of an MBA Intern


Working from one of Yaletown’s portfolio companies, I try to wrap up the financial modelling spreadsheet as the CFO of the company prepares for the Board Meeting next week. The last week was busy yet rewarding as I got to apply what I learnt in ‘Cost Accounting’ to good use. Discussions with the CFO and Accountant of the company allowed me to get a better feel of the modelling concepts that the company uses for forecasts. At the end of the week, the company provided beer and snacks, allowing employees to mingle and socialize. No beer for me this evening though, as I head out to meet friends to attend the Richmond Summer Night Market for street snacks!


First day of the weekend and I had a late start (finally!) Had a light breakfast of just a cappuccino before I drive out to Kerrisdale to meet friends for authentic Sichuan Cuisine. Having a group of 10 people out for lunch meant we could try out multiple dishes and it was also great to find out what everyone’s been up to in their internships! One of our friends was gracious enough to let us drop by and play some board games. A couple of us went for a traditional game of Mahjong, while I hosted the ‘Ticket to Ride’ (one of my favourite board games!). In the evening, I meet up with my project group mates for an Indian dinner of Dosas! Gotta love Vancouver for the diversity of food around town, and they are really great!


Woke up early in the day for a short hop down to Seattle with family. First stop of the day across the border would be to stop at the Premium Outlets beside the Tulalip Casino & Resort. The purpose would obviously be to shop and enjoy some steamed ‘xiao long baos’, which I managed to get at Din Tai Fung in Bellevue Square. The only major downside to the trip was the painful wait at the border crossing back into Canada.


Always start the morning with a homemade espresso and some fruits for a healthy start! Next up is a short 10 minute walk to where I work, hoping for a sunny warm weather. Once in the office, start off with reading through the materials for a new strategy project. Working in Yaletown allows me to catch up with a couple of MBA classmates for lunch as we catch some Euro 2012 action in a local pub. After lunch, there is a team meeting with the partner in the Calgary office discussing on the status of prospects and new interesting opportunities to discover. Suprisingly, at 6pm, I am one of the last ones to leave the office.


Continue on with some background reading on the renewable energy market before driving off to Surrey, BC for a plant visit. The company gives some updates on the new Excel spreadsheet they are working on for a new business segment. Discussions of the assumptions take place and maybe I might get a chance to do some work on the spreadsheet (if I ever finish all the 3 projects on my hand). Otherwise I would be doing a market size study for the company. Our hosts bring us to a local sandwich joint in Surrey for lunch, nowhere as fun as Yaletown, but refreshing for a change.


Morning starts off at 9am again, but its the middle of the week and looking forward to the long weekend in 2 weeks time! Got to meet my MBA classmate who is working on the same building but different company and chatted a bit in the short elevator ride. (Yaletown isn’t a skyscraper neighbourhood, it’s too cool for that!) Worked some more on the spreadsheet that I have sent out to the partner in the firm for review. Got treated to lunch at the Japanese bistro opposite by the partner in the firm and he gave me an introduction to the intricacies of contracts before investing in any start-ups. After lunch, I did a walk through on the spreadsheet on the project and discussed on the follow-up activities required to proceed. Another partner in the firm comes by and provides an update on the financial modelling work I have done last week. It seems that I would be needed at the company once again. In the evening, I was able to hang out with another classmate over the Vancouver Whitecaps match. While the match ended in a 1-1 draw, it was exciting to watch in the second half.


Super early morning for me as I leave the house at 7:15 am to walk over to Pacific Centre to attend a seminar on M&A. Since a partner in the firm is one of the presenter and I would be taking a course on M&A next semester, it would be a nice overview to have. Breakfast is served in the office of the law firm that is organizing the seminar and I got to network with a couple of entrepreneurs and lawyers. The event is sure useful for a newbie to M&A as the presenters discuss on ‘Earn-Outs’, ‘Reps & Warranties’ and ‘LoL & Escrows’. It is the second sunny day in a row after a horrid weekend of rain, so it was a nice walk back to the office from Pacific Centre. Back at the office, I started to read the Investment Term Sheet for one of the companies Yaletown has a stake in, to study the exit opportunities available and what is the optimal scenario. In the evening after work, I look forward to a Jazz Night Fundraiser to benefit the Sauder Africa Initiative.


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