Postgrad: MBA

It’s been a while since I last attended a lecture or studied for an exam. But late last year, I hit the books to prepare for my GMAT and has now been accepted into the Sauder School of Business in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. With my graduation from the program expected to be in 2013, I have envisioned this business education to signify my move into a different phase in life. While I had an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, my interest in Biomedical stuff led me to a career in analyzing medical device markets in Asia Pacific.

This phase of my career led me to discover my interest in business strategies, decision making processes in business, managing a business and ultimately running a viable one. Then I moved to a small family business based in Indonesia, this time dealing with the bread and butter of life – agriculture. Or more specifically, coffee and cocoa beans. Yup, that’s a very different change and a very big one too! From big city to small town, an international market research firm with branches worldwide to a small family enterprise. This newfound freedom helping out in a family business allowed me to learn more on business theories though I never got to practice them really.

So that ultimately led to my decision to undertake a postgraduate education by taking an MBA. Some might question the need for an MBA in managing a business, or even its use other than to move to the next salary tier. Rather I would like to take this opportunity to learn more about fellow student’s experiences, to gain from business networking, to understand what’s new in managing a business and most importantly to apply business concepts and education into real life situations by projects with companies and any internships opportunities that I might hope to obtain.

At the moment, prior to the start of my business education, I had hoped that with an MBA, I might be able to experience life as a management consultant, as that is the next step for a career move from an analyst position. That is however just one of the option I have in mind of what I want to do with my MBA degree. Looking at the longer timeline, I hope that whatever I learn in business school, I might eventually be confident enough in starting a business and eventually contributing to the society. (For starters, i do believe that entrepreneurship and small and medium businesses contribute a lot more to innovation, society and development in general, but that is another topic to venture another day, another time…)

With these aims in mind, I venture back into school and hope to learn and achieve what I have envisioned. Besides helping my career, I also harbour hopes of this experience to enrich my life, and help me develop better skills in life. Which is why the idea of a post-graduate education might sound more apt rather than just business education.


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