Europe Day 3 – Shopping in Hamburg

Third day in Hamburg, and with the Nespresso machine in the hotel room, I made for myself and Dad a cup of nice coffee each. The hotel is winning points with this machine, though it has to be noted that they were quite reluctant to provide mineral water for its guests, only providing it on the day we arrive. Apparently the mineral water provided was replenished once in 3 days. For the Nespresso machine in the room, I could forget about that since they did have the decency to replenish the capsules daily. Due to the great sausages I had at the Messe cafetaria, I decided we head straight to the exhibition hall in the morning and went to get my sausages for breakfast. Similar to the previous day, half of the day was spent manning the booths and exploring the trade show.

Mö-Grill Currywurst Stand
Mö-Grill Currywurst stand

By the time it came to lunch time, my Dad chose to stay at the trade show while my Mum and I headed out to Jungferstieg for more sausages and pastries. There is this fast-food stall called Mö-Grill which can be found in several key tourist areas serving various kinds of sausages that goes along with fries and drinks. Judging by the crowds, it seems pretty good and I have to say their fries was one of the best I ever had! The sausages was pretty good as well, and opting for the currywurst again, I found it was slightly better though I still like my sausages with mustard or chilli, thank you! It should be noted here that every order of sausages usually comes with a bun or bread, and in most cases, I chose to just have the sausage without the bun, since they can be hard and not really tasty unlike a hot dog bun. With the low Euro, it was naturally time to do some shopping in Hamburg, and since Europe is famed for its fashion and leather goods, where else to bag all these designer goods in Hamburg? The place to spend money is in Neuer Wall, a small lane that can be accessed from Jungfernstieg. It is also a pretty good place to spot luxury and sport cars as the well-heeled head down to purchase their LVs and Hérmes.

Neuer Wall shopping street
Neuer Wall shopping street

From Neuer Wall, there is also a street which leads to the Rathaus and several eateries. Close by there is also the enclosed shopping mall outside Jungfernstieg called Europa Passage. And what I would only discover till later in the day was the presence of another street that will lead to more affordable brands like Esprit and H&M as well as lead us to Gansemarkt and our lodging in Hamburg. Thus Hamburg’s city centre is pretty accessible just by walking, and perhaps that is one reason why the public transport seems under-utilized especially with the great sunny weather outside.

Binnenalster and the Buildings around it
View of the Buildings fronting Binnenalster from Rathausmarkt

Since we were headed to Milan and Paris, it was just window shopping at Hamburg, though it has to be noted that the Kelly handbag is readily available at the Hérmes boutique in Neuer Wall. Thus, after some window shopping, we headed back to the U-Bahn station but not before stopping at Europa Passage for a toilet break and some gelato. The safest bet to finding out great gelatos in Europe is to observe the colour of their pistachio flavoured gelato. If it is bright green, do avoid the gelato, but a murky brown-green would show the natural flavours and deserves a try. With not much else planned for the day, we returned to the hotel to refresh and recharge ourselves and this evening, we went out as a group for Sichuan food in Hamburg at the invitation of the Association’s Chairman who treated the group to this meal. The Restaurant Shudu is located just opposite the Hauptbahnhof, located between Mockerbergstrasse and Spitalerstrasse, facing the railway station. The food was authentic sichuan cuisine and really delicious after all the western food.

Restaurant Shudu in Hamburg
Restaurant Shudu in Hamburg

After dinner, the evening sun was still shining due to the later sunset, and we took a trip back towards Jungernstieg to take a couple of shots along the Binnenalster as well as the Rathaus. It was then that I realized from Neuer Wall, a small street called Poststrasse leads to Gansemarkt. From Rathausmarkt, the long stretch of Monckerbergstrasse also leads to the Hauptbahnhof. Technically speaking, most of Hamburg can be seen easily in 2 days, and along the way enjoy the shopping along these streets. Along Monckerbergstrasse close to the Rathaus, one can also find the St. Peter’s Church, known in Hamburg as the Hauptkirche St. Petri or Petrikirche.

Hamburg's Binnenalster
Binnenalster or in English, the Inner Alster Lake
Rathaus at Sunset
Hamburg’s City Hall or Rathaus
Buildings lining Monckerbergstrasse
Hauptkirche St. Petri along Monckerbergstrasse
Commerzbank at Gansemarkt
Sunset at Gansemarkt


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