Best ever Sushi at Tojo’s in Vancouver

While browsing on my iPhone, I noticed some of the photos which I took while dining at Tojo’s in Vancouver. I got to know of this restaurant from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations TV Programme, and made it a point to visit this place for dinner. You know how some restaurants are more famous than the food (Morton’s Steakhouse comes to mind) but Tojo’s doesn’t dissapoint at all.

For starters, the restaurant moved to a new location which wasn’t updated on their website but it is along Broadway near the Toys R Us store. Unlike many Japanese restaurants, Tojo’s interior had clearly been influenced by the earthy tones of British Columbia lodges, and it was spacious and outfitted with modern furnishings. The dining ambience in the restaurant was also great and not noisy unlike Guu in Robson, so this is perhaps where you want to bring your parents, dates or business associates!

While Tojo’s has a special menu where the chef cooks a special set for diners, we weren’t so adventurous and decided to order from the menu itself. With my craving for Toro sashimi, it was the first dish I ordered! Besides the normal sashimi range, Tojo’s also offer seasonal selection flown in from Japan or freshly obtained from the large varieties of fishes found in the waters around Vancouver. Though the main dish selection was limited, it was all of very high standard, including Halibut Cheek, Rock Cod, and Beef Steak which we ordered. This was in addition to 2 other sushi rolls, one of which was the Great Canadian Roll which consists of lobster rolled with smoked Pacific salmon, and the other was Spider Roll which was soft shell crab, asparagus and avocado wrapped in cucumber crepe. Toro sashimi was as great as ever with that superb melt-in-your-mouth sensation and the Halibut Cheek was another great dish. But the most amazing of all was the sushi rolls! Let’s just say this has gotta be the best sushi rolls I ever had.

The Great Canadian Roll is something that was nice and has a rich seafood flavour. Perhaps a very fitting name to the roll as well since lobsters and smoked salmon are aplenty in western Canada. The spider roll, while simple as it may seems, was crunchy and refreshing. It was amazing that Tojo’s was able to slice cucumbers thinly making it the skin for the sushi roll and the added crunch of the cucumber made the whole sushi even more delicious. Trust me, this isn’t the normal soft shell crab sushi roll you get elsewhere.

With their limited selection, when it was time for dessert, just don’t expect too much as their dessert selection is just 2 choices of sorbet (if I remember correctly) and a black sesame pudding. We didn’t order any, but was pleased when they provided 4 small tastings of their black sesame pudding complemented by a sesame cracker. The pudding was good, but my parents really liked the cracker. The meal came down to around C$65 per person including gratuities, which was on the high side, but it was truly worth it for the money!

IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0445 IMG_0446


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