Snowboarding at Whistler

I would have to classify winter sports like skiing and snowboarding a luxury in life. First of all, these sports needs lots of snow and is best enjoyed under optimal conditions. Like lots of snow, and mountains. Then there’s the cost of these activities. Petrol for the drive up to the mountain resort, lodging costs, and finally the cost of a day’s worth of lift tickets. A weekend could cost up to $300 per person and that is before considering meals and snacks. Well at least that was the cost for Whistler.

But one of the highlights of visiting Vancouver in the winter has always been Whistler. There is always the reliable snowfall there when the mild winter results in sparse snow this winter season. And with Vancouver and Whistler hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, the atmosphere in the city and mountain resort is just great! Not to forget that the Sea-to-Sky Highway that brings us up to the resort from downtown has just been upgraded which means that the drive up is much more enjoyable.

Unlike some of the other ski areas/resorts that I have been to, Whistler opens its run at 10am and closes at 3.30pm which means that the cost of a day’s tickets is pricey when counted by its per hourly skiing rate. The upside though is the view at the top, and that skiers and snowboarders can find vast terrain covered in powdery snow that just satisfies! And when the run closes, there are great food awaiting at the village! I even got to rest well in the hotel room before heading towards a great Italian restaurant for dinner! Now that Whistler is hosting the Olympics, private transport to Whistler is out of bounds and I am still wondering if I still could have a chance of heading there for another day or 2 of snowboarding before the snow season ends… Otherwise, its a long wait till the end of 2010…


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