Monumental First’s in the First Decade of the Millenia

Life has been full of up’s and down’s, and looking back at the first decade of the 2nd millenia, there just have been a list of monumental firsts, some filling my life with joy and others with disappointment and sadness. But then life goes on for me and the rest of us, and while the following lists serves as some of the groundbreaking moments in my life (not in chronological order) thus far that happened during the last decade:

First visit to Walt Disney World:

Great Fun for the whole family and unforgettable experience overall!

Entering College and Getting Used to It:

Something new, with lots of fresh experiences and great friends encountered along the way! Though not without its share of stress and rushing of assignments…

First Date:

Ok, this was awkward, but that’s all that I could remember anyway… Not that it succeeded, and I still think I suck in getting a relationship going…

First Car:

Honda Civic Exi, good enough to get me to lessons on time…

First BMW:

320i E90 which has long been sold and missing it since… Yeah Joy indeed comes with a BMW, and I can attest to that!

First Mobile Phone:

Yup I got my first mobile phone, a Nokia 8250 (the first one with the blue LCD backlight) in 2001 when I started college, never had a personal one until then, the iPhone’s only my 6th phone so far (3 Nokias, 1 Motorola, 1 BB, and 1 iPhone). So Nokia still trumps my record 😛

Mourning for a Loved One:

Sadly the last few years of this decade also marked the departure of someone whom I wished might have still be with us. But as in all passing moments, we should always remember our loved ones with how they have lived for us and not regret what we have yet to accomplish with them.

First Job, Part Time Job, and Career:

Yeah I was one of those fortunate, pampered kids who don’t need to get a job to support my undergraduate degree and my first real experience working was during the industrial attachment in college as an engineer trainee in a petrochemical plant in Jurong Island! Yes, what an experience that was for a first job eh?  Part timed in a research lab too with me experiencing life in a laboratory (Boring’s the word to use I guess) and first career I really took into considering was in Market Research/Strategic Consulting/Problem Management/Financial Analysis. I do think all these function together as a whole under just Consulting as a Career.

Moving to a Macintosh:

And never moving back to Windows 😛 (But then again, perhaps I should never say ‘never’)

First Xtreme Sport Experience:

Snowboarding in Whistler? Night Cycling from East Coast to Mt Faber and Back? Not sure if these counts but both have been perhaps the most extreme I have been to thus far! And I got hooked on snowboarding!

First time Gambling:

Gambling is a vice, or a luxury past time. I prefer to think of it as the latter. I see playing cards in a gentleman’s club as a leisurely affair and which is why one of my favourite casino is actually in Wynn Macau. Though my first time placing a wager was in Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Experiencing the feeling of Desperation:

There were times in primary school when one gets bad results and tries real hard to prevent the truth from being told to your parents, but that wasn’t much of a desperation. Somehow the kind of desperation one gets when they are of a certain age, makes it much more difficult and it is one experience I rather not want to have to feel once again.

First Charge Cards:

Credit cards are wonderful inventions in life, but only if one knows how to use them wisely. It is always easy to charge to these cards and not know the final spending until the bill comes at the end of the month! Oh and forget about asking me to pay annual fees and interest charges on credit cards, as they are useless to me if I get charged to use them.

First time Creating a Website:

Made one during my part time job and done with a better one for the family business recently 🙂

First time Investing and Earning Money:

Entered the world of investing by getting my first IPO allocation! First time lucky maybe? And thus far, I am sufficiently proud to say I have decent returns on what I have bought and sold. Nothing ground breaking, but decent and definitely better than the puny interests the banks dole out. Mistakes learnt from investing? Don’t be greedy and study the markets before investing. Helps if you are in a particular growth industry.

Living alone, and not sure what to make out of it:

Living alone after having had someone to take care of household chores is something new for me. While the freedom of doing everything, at anytime that it pleases you can be nice, there can be times you crave for that home cooked soup, or that someone to talk to when you are alone. Or maybe even the warmth of a home. But if you ask me whether that is something I like, I can’t really have a definite answer for it.

Not sure if I have left out any more first’s other than those listed here. But as you can see from the list, the last decade has been a good one for me thus far, when considering the huge scale of disasters (natural or man made) that have fallen upon the world during these time. Here’s hoping that the next decade will be better for all of us and that human society as a whole will work towards mutual co-existence and beneficial development.


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