iPhone Photography

Ever been in the situation where you don’t have a camera and a beautiful thing/scene catches your eye? Well there is always the camera phone now to the rescue. Even though I have a Nikon D90 to take beautiful landscapes with, I don’t bring it with me to the malls or when I go for dinners. But with all this, there is still something lacking for camera phones, there is the lack of zoom, flash and even the photos are lacking in quality due to the cheap small sensor on camera phones. With the iPhone though, even with its puny little camera having just 2 megapixels, there is the App Store in iTunes which makes the iPhone such a wonderful smart phone. Under the photography section of the App Store, there is loads of free and paid apps that makes camera photography fun! In fact I got one of my first paid apps from this section. User reviews of the ‘Best Camera’ app pushed me to buy the app for around S$4 maybe? Didn’t remember the price but I knew it was perhaps the cost of a burger in McD.

Tried out the app on some photos I took, and the results was good! Basically the app have some filters which upon application results in a much better photograph! The 2 photos below, taken from the iPhone shows the original photo and after effects of applying layers using the Best Camera App!


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