The Tale of 2 Touch Screens

The Blackberry Storm and the iPhone

Having had the Blackberry Storm for about 8 months and the iPod Touch for nearly 2 years, I went down to get the iPhone, allowing me to forgo the annual (and paid) software update for the iPod Touch. Anyway I had the mobile plan with Singtel to extend. My Blackberry has been serving me well in Indonesia, but since I don’t want to pay horrendous data charges for roaming, I have set data to be off while overseas. So no Blackberry connection then 😦 But with the iPhone plan, I get 1 GB of data per month whilst in Singapore and got to use the data for internet, even tried tethering it with my Macbook for web browsing! I also get to check my mails on the handset. Well basically it does what the Blackberry does, save for Blackberry Messenger which is really nice while I am in Indonesia. Size wise, the Storm is slightly thicker, but becomes extermely bulky (in comparison to the iPhone) when it is fitted inside the case that I carry it with everytime. As I fitted my iPhone with a thin case for the back and just a layer of film on the screen, the iPhone is as sleek as it comes, which means it fits better inside my pocket.

However, just less than a month into using the iPhone, I realize this thing is the one that pulls my hand towards. There’s just so much more possibilities in the iPhone than in the Blackberry. The 3GS also comes with much faster speed for gameplay, texting, scrolling and feels just so good to play with. Compare this to the lag and frequent hangs of the Storm and it is not difficult to see which one provides ease of use. Downloading apps for the Blackberry is something thats more of an inconvenience, but Apple’s AppStore in my iTunes makes it just so easy. Sync of contacts, media and music is perfect on the iPhone (that’s because I am on an Apple Macbook too I guess). Oh and the chinese handwriting recognition on the iPhone works great too, considering I have yet to update my BB to recognize chinese characters. Thus far, it seems that the iPhone is truly the phone to have, and that seems to be everyone’s favourite at the moment.

But that won’t be the case. The limitless possibilities of applications for the iPhone means that there are so many uses for it. I game, watch videos, listen to music, convert currencies, read the news, check my mail, text message and call on the iPhone, and before the day ends, I realize the battery is dead. (A reason why I might keep the iPod Touch to listen to music) This is considering the fact that the iPhone 3GS comes with longer battery life. On top of that Apple doesn’t allow interchangeable batteries since the back cover cannot be opened. Though getting the SIM card out is faster compared to the Storm. And the Storm’s batteries doesn’t exactly work as long either if I use the Messenger function. The rule of thumb, then, is that touch screen smartphones sucks in terms of battery life. Comparing both of these phones then depends on my need. If the phone is just meant for communication purposes, the Storm is better for push mail functions, and instant messaging. But if you want the phone to be versatile, nice, and have endless uses, get the iPhone.


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