Looking Back on Schooling Life…

There was some minor renovations at home today and that means clearing out old cabinets of old stuff, and while clearing them out, I discovered my secondary school and junior college diary… Yes dated from the year 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. I seriously didn’t even imagine it was still there somewhere!

Looking back on those years, I found them to be the most memorable days of my life thus far, life was easy and simple back then: Wake up early, catch the bus to school, slack at class before assembly, go for lessons, sleep through those boring ones, go to the movies or the mall after school, and when you reach home, play the video console or Command & Conquer on the PC. And there was always the super long holidays to look forward too! Even the regular PE lessons at school seems to make me fitter in those days. Life seemed to have more fun, adventure and meaning back then – I remember the carnival held at CJ, there was the whole class participating in planning the booths and getting the materials and prizes ready. Then there was the annual cleaning the school thing in Cat. High, and the slightly awkward performance our class had at our last Teacher’s Day. And there was the push ups that teachers gave us for either forgetting your assignments or when the whole class misbehaved…

All this seemed to be in stark contrast to the time I spent in working life. Working life doesn’t seem to have that kind of ‘fun’ put into it. I got down thinking about this after watching this YouTube video from a link posted by a friend in Facebook:

It seems that ‘fun’ when injected in everyday life can make people to behave in surprisingly different ways. Fun in our working lives would also create a sense of well being that will make the workplace a better one!  And my life now has been trying to find back what makes life ‘fun’ such as those days in school…


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