Games and Gadgets Galore!

I was in Singapore for the last 2 weeks and just nice, there was the COMEX show in town, in which I got a good deal, paying just S$119 for a 500GB 2.5″ portable hard disk drive. This is my 3rd Western Digital Passport HDD, giving me a total of 1.32 TB of capacity. In addition to that, I finally got some new games to add on to my collection, which includes a Civilization IV for Mac. Actually, it was the Gold Edition including the Warlords expansion pack. I was a huge fan of Civilization II which still can keep me occupied a few years back. As for Civ III, I didn’t really play it much, but Civ IV seems good and I got it since I had that little games to play on the Mac.

Another great collection I added was accessories for my Wii! Suprisingly, Nintendo has kept the demand for Wii high through its ever burgeoning range of accessories for the console. One game I was playing recently was the Super Mario Kart on the Wii and thus I got for myself the Wii Wheel setup as well as the Wii Motion Plus Controller. And both of these comes with their respective games.

Nintendo Wii Wheel. Pictures from Nintendo USA.
Nintendo Wii Wheel. Pictures from Nintendo USA.
Wii Motion Plus Add-On. Pictures from Nintendo USA.
Wii Motion Plus Add-On. Pictures from Nintendo USA.

As the Wii console is at Indonesia, reviews on how fun these add-ons are would be up only in October when I will be back home. From the box of the Wii Sports Resort (the game that comes with the Motion Plus Add-On) there are new games like water-ski, fencing and 10 others that would make the Wii-mote sensitive to even flicks of the wrists… Sounds interesting!

Now for the new gadgets or toys for grown ups 🙂 First of all, I have decided to ditch my Apple Wireless ‘Mighty’ Mouse a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse (Black) to suit my black Macbook. The Apple Mouse is great in that it has more functionality and shortcuts. A feature I’ll miss is its horizontal scrolling. But the vertical scrolling of the Apple Mouse always gives me problems that requires cleaning once every 2 weeks. That I can do without!

The last gadget I got was also the best! It’s a Wacom Intuos4 graphic tablet. For those who don’t have an idea what this is, its actually a tablet that connects to your computer via a USB cable allowing users to draw, sketch, edit and write stuff all at the same time. I am intending to use this to do some sketching, logo design and for photoshop use as well. Now, I just can’t wait to get back to Indonesia to try out all these nifty games and gadgets 🙂

Wacom Intuos4 Graphic Tablets. Pictures from Wacom.
Wacom Intuos4 Graphic Tablets. Pictures from Wacom.

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