Back to Indonesia and Work

It’s been nearly a week since I returned from Canada. For the last few weeks, it was mainly doing more read up on CSS and HTML as I went on to craft a website for the company in Indonesia. There was also a lot of movements in the Indonesian Rupiah and Cocoa/Coffee markets in the past few days with the Jakarta Bombings and increased sentiment of economic recovery.

Talking about the bomb blasts in Jakarta, I was in town that day, having breakfast in another hotel when Dad received an SMS informing him of the bomb blast… And I was just that close to staying in the Ritz Carlton that day… It was really fortunate I found the extravagance of staying in the Ritz a bit unnecessary for a short transit and stay-over in Jakarta. Anyway, the general idea is to avoid US-branded hotels in Indonesia (think Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton). As an Indonesian resident, I found it disturbing that much of Indonesia’s natural beauty and charm is destroyed by this cowardly act of terrorism…

As for the website design, I finally got CS4 on my Macintosh all up and running and currently using Dreamweaver for my work in doing up the website for the company. A draft version is up, though more modifications needs to be done before I can really say the website is done! Hope to launch it officially in the end of the month!


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