Star Trek, the suprise movie of this Summer!

For a start, I had never intended to really watch Star Trek the Movie, but had received great reviews of the movie from my friends. And since I was a bit bored on a weekend night in Vancouver, I went to watch the movie with my brother. If you want to know what I would rate this movie like, read on!

Star Trek Movie Poster with USS Enterprise on Warp Speed
Star Trek Movie Poster with USS Enterprise on Warp Speed

It wasn’t a great start, as we were late for the show after having a late fish and chips dinner and had difficulty in getting parking. And we didn’t get good seats either, as the theatre was relatively full even after the movie being screened for a month or more. But the amazing thing was I got to follow the story line even though I wasn’t familiar with the Star Trek story. The story begins with the attack on a Federation ship by Romulan renegade Captain Nero, whereby Acting Captain George Kirk sacrifices his life for the safe evacuation of his crew, and pregnant wife. It goes on to show the young lives of Spock and James Kirk (son of George Kirk) in separate planets Vulcan and Earth.

Both protagonists are ultimately reunited aboard the USS Enterprise for a mission to check out a distress signal sent by planet Vulcan. This turns out to be a trap set out by the Romulan Ship which has set out for a revenge to destroy Spock’s home planet due to an incident that destroyed Romulus as a result of the actions of Spock in the future. While Vulcan was eventually wiped out, Spock managed to save the planet’s elders and his father, but his mother perished in the process. On the other hand, the Captain of USS Enterprise volunteered himself as captive to the Romulan Ship and the reins of USS Enterprise goes to Spock while Kirk became First Officer. However the reckless nature of Kirk results in an argument with Spock which results in Kirk being left in a desolated planet on the excuse of him committing a mutiny. It was here that Kirk met the elderly Spock from the future who has come to tell him of Nero’s plans for revenge and how Nero is bent on using the red matter to destroy Earth and the Federation. The ending battle was staged on the Romulan ship where the 2 protagonists beamed onto the ship to rescue Pike and save Earth from destruction.

The way the movie was planned allows viewers to appreciate the story line and the main technologies used in Star Trek such as the warp drive system of the Starfleet, the Academy, and the idea of teleportation (Beam me up, Scotty!) In addition, the acting of Zachary Quinto as Spock and Chris Pine as Kirk had a great effect on the screen as they really fitted well into their characters. Overall, it was a really good movie that even non-Trekkies like me could enjoy and appreciate!


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