Revenge of the Fallen was a great sequel for Transformers

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was one of the most awaited movies of this year, at least for me that was. However, upon reading some bad reviews of the movie online, I had prepared myself for some disappointment, but the movie turns out to be entertaining and a worthy sequel to the first series.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

First of all, I caught the movie on the 2nd week since opening, on a Friday in SilverCity at Richmond. Went out with my brother and his college friends, and with the movie being such a big hit, the tickets was sold out, with us having to settle for the later movie at 10.30pm. As we expected a huge turnout, we had to queue early for good seats, as seats are not pre-allocated in North American theatres (the bad), though they supplement that with great snacks like NY Fries’ Poutine (the good). Well to get on with the review, the movie started on where it left off with the show’s protagonist, Sam Witwicky having to leave for college and leave Bumblebee behind. However unknown to them, ‘the Fallen’ has planned for a comeback and rescue Megatron from beneath the Pacific Ocean floor-bed. In fact the starting scene begins with a bang of Autobots hunting down for renegades Decepticons in Shanghai.

In a similar fashion as the first Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen was heavy on the use of CGI and special effects for the robots and there was much more metals clashing and robots transforming as the sequel adds in more robots. Critics said there was too much chaos in the movie, but I found it had a lot of action packed scenes which was a bit of a fireworks but truthfully I could differentiate the robots while they were fighting. There was also the mention of the high decibels and loud clanks, but what do you expect from dozens of cars and robots fighting with lasers and missiles? Personally, I found the movie took what was good in the first series and expanded on the strengths. On top of that, Revenge of Fallen details more of the Decepticon’s rise and tells more of the link between Decepticons and Earth.

Finally, the really good part of the sequel was how it brought out Optimus Prime as the main robot to watch unlike in the first movie where Bumblebee seem to have a more prominent spot. And who could forget the scene where Jetfire combined with Optimus Prime to combat ‘the Fallen’! It deserves its box office success, in my opinion, no matter what the critics say, for I truly was entertained even with the lengthier showtime of the sequel.


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