Angels & Demons – great novel, average movie

Dan Brown’s novel Angels & Demons was one of my favourite novels and I found it to be more thrilling and full of adventure compared to The Da Vinci Code, which was the more famous book. Having watched Da Vinci Code, which I found to be as good as the novel, Angels & Demons was naturally on my list of movies to catch this summer. I got the opportunity to watch it after my roadtrip to the Rockies. Initial impressions was that the start of the movie faithfully reproduced the novel, starting with the murder at CERN and the calling of Professor Langdon to the Vatican. However from there onwards, there doesn’t seem to be any momentun of suspense that will leave a heartbeat. It wasn’t what one would expect after watching the trailer and reading the book.

Angels & Demons Poster
Angels & Demons Poster

One reason perhaps the book was much better was the fact that it shows much more of Rome and includes the map of the city which is linked to how the story works out in the end. In addition, there was more explanation on each of the sites of the murder of the cardinals. Furthermore, while the movie tries to show the race against time to find the antimatter and save the cardinals, it could have been made better, to create more suspense for the viewers.

The lack of suspense and suprise was another of the movie’s downfall as I remembered leading the last segment of the novel fervently due to the much twist and turns in the events that unfold. However the ending at the movie seems to be much of an anticlimax with a lack of momentum bringing it out onto the last stages of the show. To conclude, watch the movie first before reading the book as I think it might create more enjoyment this way as one reason the movies might not be as good as the novel was because the novel had placed a high bar in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Angels & Demons – great novel, average movie

  1. the movie was as good as the movie? do you mean as good as the book?
    i agree. my daughter and i felt a&d didn’t live up to the book. then she read dvc and i promised her the movie was a good depiction. she saw it yesterday and agreed.

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