Jerry’s ROM

January 24th, that’s the day one of my buddies from Secondary School got hitched! For a start, he chose a special place to hold his ROM, and it is none other than Nanyang Auditorium at NTU. Reason? The newly-weds met and dated in NTU. So it was on that nice Saturday afternoon that some of us went to grace the occasion, and I did it by being one of his photographers. With my new Nikon D90, no less!

Initially I was wondering if the event is going to be held within the vast Auditorium itself, but silly me, there are numerous function rooms scattered around the venue which makes for a cosy and nice ROM. They chose the Crimson Room which had a nice connotation to the whole event since the colour ‘Red’ is well-known for its auspicious meaning to the Chinese and valued in events where you celebrate happiness and reunion.

After the ceremony and the tea reception, we scouted the university on a quiet Saturday to take photos for the couple. Starting from around the Auditorium, we headed to Hall 3 and Hall 8, where the couple first met and stayed together respectively. Ending at the new Nanyang Roundabout where the beautiful garden setting makes for a nice picture! I must say the photos turn out good! It’s all on my facebook if any of you are interested!

By the way, Jerry treated the bunch of us after helping out in the ROM! The dinner was just last week at Aglio Olio!


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