New Jogging Shoes: Nike Max Moto 6

Yeah, I am kind of doing weekly jogs along East Coast Park nowadays, with a new jogging shoe from Nike! The title above shows the name of the model: Max Moto 6, at least that’s what I think it is. It is comfortable enough for those of you with wider soles and cushioning was good as well. It is one of the most comfortable for me after trying out shoes from other makes as well. Previously I wasn’t using any dedicated running shoes, but after using this shoe, the run seems more enjoyable overall, and I could run with a better momentum and pace.

So it is safe to assume that the right gear might improve performance then. On top of it, the shoe reminds me of the Nikes I had when I was studying in Junior College, and it was good, since that shoe was one of my favourite ones. Well, I was so glad I got this shoe that I got a nice picture of it, complete with the box!

Nike Max Moto 6
Nike Max Moto 6

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