Fully Awesome: Bolt in 3D

A few years back, movie theatres were toying with releasing motion pictures in 3D format, the ones where you have to wear special 3D glasses to experience the special effects. With the release of the latest animation by Walt Disney Pictures about the dog who thinks it is a ‘Superdog’ with Superbark amongst many other special powers, 3D motion pictures might just be the future of going to the movies.

Bolt The Movie, released by Walt Disney in 3D
Bolt The Movie, released by Walt Disney in 3D

First of all, movie tickets for 3D versions of ‘Bolt’ was at a premium, costing more than 20% compared to the normal 2D versions. And should you lose the 3D glasses supplied for the duration of the screening, you are liable for a $70 surcharge. (Prices applicable for The Cathay Cinemas in Singapore Dollars.) So after all the small bits of downs, now the ups are that movie going experience becomes something else, especially for this wonderful animation from Walt Disney, which I suspect Pixar had a hand on helping to develop. Now then, on with the movie review!

Bolt tells the story of this little dog who has lived life on the set of a Hollywood Studio acting the role of a ‘Superdog’ who is truly attached to the female lead of Penny. In the filming of an episode where Penny is ‘abducted’ by the evil nemesis who has cats as his favourite pet, Bolt takes it for real and embarked on a search-and-rescue mission of its owner. Through his adventure, he obtained the assistance of a cat, called Mittens and a suprising sidekick in the form of a hamster, called Rhino. The hamstes is incidentally, the biggest fan around of ‘Bolt’ in the TV screen. And so their little adventure begins, setting off laughs and little lessons for audiences throughout the show, with a heartwarming finale that shows the persistence and loyalty of a dog towards humans.

So the movie was great but what makes it truly awesome is the presentation mode. People used to go to the movies for the better pictures, better sound, and with their homes fitted more or less with something similar, 3D brings to cinemas an advantage. The landscapes in the animation becomes more realistic, grabbing viewers into the animation. So for the price of the movie ticket, you get the extra entertainment of being in a theme park simulation ride. That’s why the movie ‘Bolt’ becomes ‘Fully Awesome’, just as it was advertised in the posters. Now I just can’t wait for ‘Toy Story 3’ to be released in 3D!


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