Only In the United States?

It’s official, Barack (Hussein) Obama will be President of the United States of America. And he is African-American, and he has spent time in Muslim-dominated Indonesia, and he has a parent who hail from Kenya, Africa. Such a situation could perhaps only occur in ‘Freedom’ America. Decades ago, it would be nearly unthinkable for a minority of a different color becoming the head of state of what is perhaps the most powerful and influential nation today. But it happened!

Based on a campaign of ‘Change’, Obama led masses who was attracted to his charisma in speeches and who was also tired of Bush’s war on Iraq, and frustrated of the financial ruins created due to government excesses. One reason I thought Obama was a good choice was partly due to his youth entering the presidential race. I am certain he will bring fresh perspectives on ways of governance, compared to McCain who was older, and of course holding traditional hawkish perspectives like Bush. I am guessing that the ‘global’ upbringing and exposure of Obama will also help to improve ties of America and the rest of the world.

What was interesting was how Obama managed to overshadow Hillary Clinton and even bring the Democrats into the White House with a landslide win in the electoral vote count. His appeal through progressive marketing of himself as a champion for the common man and as a person with values that appeals to voters was incredibly well organized and planned. Rarely has such a Presidential nominee got so much exposure through youngsters and even in other countries worldwide. If I would have to say, the word ‘Obama’ seems to have a brand value at the end of the campaign now.

But the hard part begins for Obama on how he will go about bringing change. One thing is for sure: America’s ways of spending on credit might need restraining and the country needs to stabilize the financial institutions and their process of management.


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