How a Good Product can Make Life Easier!

It’s been a while since I last enjoyed the process of washing the car! The best part of washing is when you get to see a gleaming car after the laborious hard work. Having used BMW’s cleaning kit (Car Shampoo, Wax, Polish, Glass Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, and Rim Cleaner), I went back to BMW’s Singapore distributor, PML, looking for their good rim cleaner which usually costs $18+, but unfortunately BMW has chosen to package the product with a small brush and added a price tag of $40+. Twice the price for what is the same product doesn’t seem right. Luckily for me, friends recommended me the SONAX rim cleaner, and I went to Autobacs for some auto accesories shopping.

First of all, the SONAX rim cleaner costs S$23 and it was truly a great product, even better than BMW’s rim cleaner. I got to use the rim cleaner yesterday on all 4 rims, and the best part was the way it informs you when the rims are ready to be washed. The cleaner will turn red, indicating the clearance of brake dust, oil and grease from the rims. With a small sponge brush that costs S$5 from Autobacs too, the whole rim becomes much easier to clean, especially when one’s rims are multi-spoke designs. I managed to clean my rims in the shortest time possible yesterday I think! Well for those of you looking for a great product to make cleaning your car easier, take a look at SONAX’s webpage and where to get their products in Singapore.


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