Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance by TVB

This blog post is to put up my reviews on what I think has got to be one of the most heart-warming and best drama serial produced ever by Hong Kong’s TVB. In 2007, the television broadcaster produced this series titled 溏心風暴 with the English title being ‘Heart of Greed’. The show depicts the challenges faced by a family who runs a shop dealing with abalone and dried seafood and herbs. With the head of the household acted by veteran actor Ha Yu, and his two wives acted by Louise Lee and Susanna Kwan, there was a lot of beautiful moments showing how a virtuous mother and wive managed to hold the family together and prevent it from splitting apart.

溏心風暴 宣傳報 Heart of Greed Promotional Poster
溏心風暴 宣傳報 TVB's Heart of Greed Promotional Poster

This year, the same producer came up with more or less a similar cast but a different and non-related storyline titled 溏心風暴之家好月圓 or ‘Moonlight Resonance’ in English. This time round Ha Yu and Louise Lee acts as a pair of husband and wife running a traditional pastry shop. After enjoying years of marriage with 4 sons, and 2 daughters, the family was forcibly separated by the court due to the arrival of a third party which is played by Michelle Yim. The first episode of the series started with the heart breaking moment of the children being separated from each other and was followed with a fast forward into the present day to introduce the various main cast. Throughout the series, it shows the love of a mum towards her children and showing how families bond together through being open with one another. Though I have yet to complete watching the whole series, it has left me with a deep impression and makes me miss my family at times! Such a heart warming drama serial showcases the very basic unit of the human society – the family. And it does it with some very comical moments with the family having fun on dinners, the special events like Mooncake Festival, and family reunion every 1st and 15th of the Chinese calendar. There was also heart breaking moments of how parents go all out to protect and help their children, to shelter them and do everything for their best. All these combine to make this show a treat for the family!

TVBs Moonlight Resonance Promotional Poster
溏心風暴之家好月圓 宣傳報 TVB's Moonlight Resonance Promotional Poster

Some of the reflections I had from this show was:

1) Mothers try as hard to protect their children from harm. In this series, Louise Lee acts the role of the mother, showing her willingness to part with her eldest son for the hope that he would protect his two younger brothers from the step-mom. Even the baddie in the serial played by Michelle Yim shows that she, too, is human by guiding her only daughter to be the best she could be. All mothers hope the best for all her children, and that is a worthy trait of a human being.

2) Family members should put their utmost trust in each other. The characters in the series, especially 荷媽 played by Louise Lee trusts her children and even the siblings place trust in each other. They were able to forgive each other and cheer each other up. That’s the way families should be!

3) There is no problem that cannot be solved as long as one’s family retains its unity. Everyone will face troubles and problems in life, and we can always be glad that we can seek help from family members. There is no shame in seeking help from them or pouring our heart out to them. That is perhaps the reason why we should always place priority to our families especially our parents!


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