Gambling and Leisure at Genting

Just 4 hours north of Singapore, lies the city of entertainment, Genting Highlands, a resort with cool weather nestled within a lush tropical hilltop. Visitors get to stay, play, dine and gamble and get the feel of doing it all amongst the clouds. And yes, this place is perhaps the only legal gambling establishment in Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, at least until Singapore’s IR officially opens. To me though, the place is a mix of faux pas architecture and smoky halls of old retirees playing baccarats. The trip this time round though, showed that the resort is re-developing itself, gearing up for the competition that is to come.

Their newest hotel development, the First World Hotel is but a motel in disguise, with sparse accomodations and basic in-room amenities. The newly renovated deluxe rooms at Resort Hotel is many notches better and would be better considered as standard accomodation for today’s travellers. At least the room is clean and comfortable, with adequate writing/desktop space. Still lacking though, is the in-room broadband and LCD TV.

Resort Hotel Lobby

Resort Hotel’s newly renovated Deluxe Rooms

In addition, I was still amazed at the amount of crowds that still visits Genting, and since I visited the place while it was the midst of the Hari Raya break, families with kids made the indoor theme park full of noise and hordes of gamblers crowded around the gaming tables. I guess the place is truly a holiday destination for many Malaysians, and for that the resort deserves a thumbs up. Some other interesting things I discovered in my visit to Genting this time round was the amazing quality of food in some of their Chinese restaurants and I truly recommend this establishment called ‘Elite Palace’ or 雲宵宮 which serves good Cantonese food. And the Bakery at the lobby level of the Genting Hotel also serves an interesting Hot Chocolate with new varieties of cakes on top of providing a good place for wireless internet access with my laptop.

Hot Chocolate at the Bakery

Oh and to top my last night of stay at Genting, I was treated to a view of Kuala Lumpur from the hotel room whilst the clouds dispersed (once in a blue moon opportunity) in the resort.

KL City View at Night from Genting’s Resort Hotel. Notice the Petronas Twin Tower and the Menara KL.


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