Paris Auto Show and its Stars

It’s the Paris Auto Show, perhaps one of the best auto shows on Earth! Well, to me at least, the auto shows that matters have always been Geneva, Paris and Frankfurt. Lamborghini showcases a new concept which might be due for production, called the Estoque, and Lexus chopped the roof off the IS 250 to create the IS 250c hard-top convertible. Renault and VW battles it out in the hatchback segment with new Meganes and Golfs. MINI meanwhile makes a hunk-ier Cooper, calling it the Concept Crossover, and BMW shows a sneak preview of the X1, set to make it into production as well.

1. Lamborghini Estoque

The first ever Lamborghini to feature 4 doors since the Lambo SUV decades ago, the Estoque, if produced will play rivals to Porsche’s upcoming Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte. Do remember that BMW might also be planning to enter the luxury 4-dr GT segment with its Concept CS shown last year.

2. BMW X1 Concept

So, after the X5, X3, BMW adds another mini-SUV into the fray with the X1. This is also after the company adds the 1 Series to its range of passenger cars. One noteworthy design feature is its grille which is similar to the recently launched 7 Series. Expect this new interpretation of BMW’s kidney grille on future models too!

3. Lexus IS250C

This is the new hardtop coupe-convertible version of Lexus IS series which competes heads on with the 3 Series, C Class and A4. The rear convertible styling seems to draw its cues from the larger but 2 seater Lexus SC. Again, a first for Lexus as this is the only 4 seater convertible it has made thus far for production. Took some time for it as well…

4. Renault Megane

Renault is on the offensive with its new design scheme, as it updates the styling of its Clio, Koleos SUV and now a very fresh design for the bread and butter car – the new Renault Megane. From the pictures, the 3 door hatchback has an athletic stance and with the show stand’s bright orange colour shows its target of the younger consumers.


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