F1 is over and the Thunderstorm Hits

Singapore’s downtown skyline and its F1 track in all its glory! Photo by Tim Chong for Reuters and taken with a fish eye lens most probably!

F1 racing in Singapore went pass with Fernando Alonso in his Renault winning the race, after starting from 15th in the grid. Meanwhile, Ferrari who had entered Singapore leading the constructor’s table, had a disastrous weekend with pole sitter Felipe Massa ending up with no podium finish or even points and Kimi Raikonnen crashing at the later stages. It is now 2nd in the constructors standings after McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton clinched the third position to obtain a podium finish. Nico Rosberg in the AT&T Williams-Toyota was the 2nd fastest driver, an amazing position given that he was held back by another Toyota driven by Jarno Trulli in the start of the race and had a 10 sec. pit stop penalty. All in all, the inaugural Singtel Singapore F1 Grand Prix was event-filled and would have been fitting to be the ‘jewel’ in the F1 crown, as described by F1 rights holder Bernie Ecclestone. 

More of the race and more excitement can be awaited next year around the same time when the race once again returns to this tiny tropical island state. Meanwhile the thunderstorms that eluded the F1 grand prix has arrived on the island’s shores. With heavy showers covering most parts of the island late yesterday afternoon and late morning today, more rainfall is expected by meteorologists in the next few days. Financial markets in Singapore also took a hit along with other stock markets in Asia as the financial turmoil in the States gobbles up more casualties. Fortis, the Belgian bank is being nationalized by 3 European governments and a mortgage lender in Britain failed. Japan’s unemployment hits a 2 year high, according to reports in Bloomberg and commodities markets nose-dived yesterday night. Is there somewhere safe to give my savings any returns nowadays? 


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