Weekend Dim Sum at St Regis

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to get down to the new St Regis Hotel at Singapore for a nice dim sum brunch. Supposedly we were there to try out their arrays of dim sum, but ended up having a sumptuous brunch which consists of several Cantonese delicacies, and free flow of fruit juices. First off, the hotel is not bad, but doesn’t seem to have the ‘wow’ factor like some luxury hotels. I have always liked the Fullerton and Hotel Mulia’s lobby since they were both designed by the same interior design firm. Upon entering from the main entrance, visitors are greeted with a giant chandelier in a rotunda. For visitors arriving via the carpark, a lift decorated with dark wood reminds one of those olden days British-style elevators suitable for the gentleman’s club.

The Chinese restaurant is on the second floor, and named 宴庭, or in English as Yan Ting. Translated, the 2 words literally mean banquet hall, though the place is too small and intimate for any propr grand banquets to be held there. Decor-wise, the restaurant has a mix of Chinese and Western style, with music from Old-Shanghai, playing in the background. Now for the food proper: we asked for Jasmine Tea to go along with our dim sum, but I felt the tea tasted a bit weird and not as fragrant as those served in other Chinese restaurants in Singapore. The dim sum brunch has the common dim sum varieties like Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Yam Croquette, Beancurd Roll, Siew Mai, and others. They also includes a bowl of shark’s fin and half a lobster along with unlimited orders of some main dishes. The ones we ordered was Salmon Sashimi, Roasted Pork, Prawns in Wasabi Mayo, Beef Cubes stir fried with Peppers, Honey Glazed Beef Fillet, Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms, Duck Drumstick with Orange Gravy and Baby Chinese Celery with XO Sauce. Some of the good ones are actually the sashimi, the roasted pork, the beef varieties and the prawn. The roasted pork was especially spectacular with a very nice crispy skin and roasted to a very beautiful golden colour. The lobster was good too, with just enough seasoning that brings out the flavour of the lobster itself. The soup, however, seems a bit salty and wasn’t as satisfying.

Service wise, the restaurant is either understaffed or has no proper management, (or both, considering it is a recent establishment). Food was served slowly and service personnel served the tea and nuts after we waited for like 20 minutes. Not a good impression for a 5-star dining place, and for around S$68++ per person, the place is not up to it for the value and quality of food.


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