Showroom Hopping on a Weekday Morning

Ok I admit, I was a bit free today! Well the plan was for me to reach Goodwood Park before 9 to get their mooncakes, a once-a-year delicacy served during the mid-autumn festival. Suprisingly, their mooncakes are sold out everyday and I had to go there earlier today. Unfortunately, they no longer have those mooncakes without egg yolks. I don’t like the yolks, that’s why I like the ones offered by Goodwood Park. So it was off from the place at 930 and the next intention was actually to return the DVDs that I have rented at Valley Park which was in town, but the shop didn’t open till 11am.

Well there I was in town with close to 1 and a half hours to spare. And since I had to get my missing tow bar cover for my car, I dropped by PML Alexandria and guess what… The mega BMW showroom in Alexandria is opening on 15th September! Besides that, there’s several new cars like the 118i hatchback, the 130i hatchback and the X6 with the famed twin turbo straight six that also powers the 335i. After browsing around the cars at PML, there was still time to burn, and I went down to Audi’s new showroom at Leng Kee, with the main purpose to take a look at the new A4! There has been a few new A4s on the road and I would have to say these cars made by Audi are getting better and better. The new showroom was good, and they had 2 floors with the upper level housing some great cars like the S5, S8 and the R8. I went to take a look at the S5 and got bitten by it…. the interior of the car was comfortable and great looking with the panoramic sunroof and the sports seats! Definitely one of the great cars to have, not to mention it’s powered by a V8. I do think the M3 can’t beat the S5’s pricing of just S$245k. But then again, the M3’s proper competition would be the RS5 anyway.

Now, come to think of it, there’s been such a huge range of great cars that’s been out for the past 2 years or so that it’s really tempting to think of a new car. If only money wasn’t so big of an issue… Showroom hopping and lusting after these cars are fun though, at least it provides you that additional reason to work harder and aim higher in life!


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