Beers and Beach makes a somewhat interesting combination

This past weekend, the weather in Singapore was suprisingly sunny in the day, with heavy rainstorms only occuring at night. Which was why, a group of us decided to spend a leisurely Saturday at KM8, a beach bar famous for its dipping pool. The day started off with chatting, some picture taking and brunch that consists of chicken wings, pizzas and Heinekens. It progressed into babe-watching and slowed to card-playing when the beautiful babes no longer seem to appear. And of course, at the later part, it was more of just sun-tanning and beer-drinking, which is what makes it interesting. When one sun tans, he gets red, with the added effect of beer, it is compounded (x2 or should it be squared?) Anyway the result could vary from slight drowsiness to headaches and migraines which can last hours. So be warned to those whose want to try out that combination! But it was a great Saturday anyway and so are some of the photos which turned out great! For more of the photos though, that is only accessible if you know me in facebook…

Dai dee is the perennial favourite as a social card game


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