Changes in the Past 3 Years, and for the Future

I had a chance to reflect on changes that I have experienced on the past 3 years. It’s been 3 years since I graduated and the chance to reminisce about undergraduate life (arguably one of the most memorable part of my life) happens to be in NTU itself, my alma mater which I happened to visit today.

First, about the university in general, lots have changed, with canteen A being no longer there, a nice row of fast food outlets (McD, Subway, Canadian Pizza, Sakae Sushi), several brand new school buildings (Humanities & Soc Science, Maths & Physical Science, Art, Design & Media, Chemical & Biomed Eng), and renaming of some of the LTs. It’s kind of amazing to see some improvements in facilities. But what about the function? I went to visit the Research Centre which I had the privilege of working in for 3 months, but the centre seems quiet and desolated, with most of the researchers working there gone. This centre was located on the topmost of NTU’s spanking new ResearchTechno Plaza (RTP in short), and have produced some amazing research students and published works that were covered in the national daily. But, like a lot of things, change seems to have just covered up all these achievements. Similar to the recent Singapore Table Tennis Association fiasco where the new head of the association chose to replace the manager of the team, after the team he managed clinched the country’s first Olympic medal in 48 years, no less. Change should be for the better, isn’t it not? I find that change at the top should result in improvements, and not stagnation.

Now, to my own personal change in the past 3 years. There have been improvements in my life as well, for one, I had a new car, something that I had aspired to when I was in college. And I had more new friends, something that I will forever cherish as part of my life in Singapore. It is actually amazing how just a simple hanging out with friends after work or in the weekends could cheer one up and helps in the relieving of stress. Well, maybe some alcohol helps in the process as well  🙂

Another change in me personally was my first real full-time work. Not those college-style attachments or relaxing part-timers! But working life for the first time, and I had the pleasure to meet some intelligent people and of course some abhorrent creatures. People can sometimes make or break an organization, and it is indeed true! My job as a Research Analyst was perhaps a starting point for my interest in researching on enterprise strategy, business development, consulting in general and of course the healthcare business itself. But I thought to myself if I am just satisfied being an employee for all my life. That was when I started thinking on doing something that I might want, and I was fortunate enough to have been able to try finding out what my dad does for business, and I am also thinking of trying out something new, like architecture, for example.

One particular past time I had in school was actually sketching, and drawing in general. Since the age of 3-4 years old, drawing cars has always been a hobby, then in secondary school, I actually made a partially completed sketch of my own version of Transformers, with 3 groups of robots belonging to the Land (Cars), Sea (Boats) and Air (Jets) that I still have to this day. Then I got Sim City, and that was the time when I began to fascinate with landmarks and skyscrapers. At times when lessons at school gets boring, sketching some skyscrapers was perhaps a way to pass time until the bell rings. It was a good way to avoid trouble during class too anyway. Even in university admission, I had for a while considered architecture as a degree of choice. Now, though, I wonder if I am still right in doing like further studies in this field…


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