Hotel Mulia Senayan

It’s a short trip to Jakarta for some shopping and this time round we stayed in one of Jakarta’s most luxurious lodging, Hotel Mulia Senayan. Not a Ritz-Carlton, neither is it a Hyatt nor a Shangri-La. But yes, this hotel is situated in the southern Jakarta district of Senayan, where it is located close to 2 upscale shopping malls, Plaza Senayan and Senayan City. This hotel is part of the Mulia Group of Indonesia, whose holdings range from property to glass manufacturing, and thus its name.

It is perhaps one of Jakarta’s largest hotels with more than 800 rooms spread over 50 floors. The grandiose lobby of the hotel is perhaps its most distinctive feature. Similar to the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, the lobby was designed by Hirsch Bedner & Associates, one of the leading hotel designers in the world. No wonder then that the colours and the use of bamboo was prominently alike. One annoying rule they had in the hotel was that guests were not even allowed to take photos of the hotel’s lobby and interior, unless there was someone posing in the picture. A totally idiotic rule, if I should say. I still got one photo of the lobby taken anyway.

Hotel Mulia’s Grand Lobby

Inside the room, there was an art-deco touch to the furnishings, which isn’t really to my liking. I would have preferred the modern contemporary style that adorns most Park Hyatt hotels. And the hotel’s age is gradually beginning to show as well, which is why the management has started on renovating some of the rooms. The bed was also a bit on the soft side, if I must say, though it was still comfortable. Service in Jakarta hotels, are not as great as the ones in Bali, as the staff of this 5-star hotel has limited ability in English. The housekeeping of the room was not up to standard as well, with towels that were not replaced, and bedsheets that were not replaced. The price of a night’s stay in their lowest category room was pretty reasonable, costing around Rp 900,000 which amounts to around US$100. For a little bit more at Rp 1.5 million, you could get double queen (yes, 2 queen sized beds) rooms at the Ritz Carlton, which would be more worth it if you had, say, 4 people sharing the room. No breakfasts for both hotels though, not that you need one when you could easily get some nice delicacies in the shopping malls close to the hotel (J.Co donuts and Krispy Kreme :D)

Mulia Splendour Twin Room
Mulia Splendour Twin Room

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