Russia-Georgia Conflict – My View

First, the conflict above might not be my business, and it has little, if no effect on my life. However, I am inclined to write about it after one major ‘Superpower’ (the United States of America) posted a comment about how wrong it was to invade a sovereign, democratic country. I guess it is not wrong for USA to invade Iraq, but wrong for Russia to invade Georgia. A case of double standards? No, some may say, since Iraq is not a democratically free country, so the USA has all the rights in the world to invade. Who is then to say a communist, or monarchy is worse off than democracy? Is there then justice when the world’s media seems to potray the Russian-Georgia conflict in favour of Georgia and the USA? 

The point here is that Georgia was first to initiate a conflict through the use of force to subdue an already autonomous region of South Ossetia. As this region/province had close ties of Russia, the latter had to act on behalf of the people in that region. It’s just like the Taleban in Afghanistan attacked the US mainland, and they have every right to retaliate back. And when the US attacked Iraq unilaterally (albeit with close allies from the UK), everyone just kept quiet, and there wasn’t even any pressure for them to withdraw their troops, after say nearly 5 years. Compare this to the conflict in Georgia, with Russia withdrawing their troops in 1 week. Who is more responsible to the world stage in this case? +1 to Russia. 

This scenario might be comparable to the school playground bully. Whoever is friends with the bully is safe and they have all rights to initiate any kind of bully tactics on the rest of the school population. But if you are not associated with the bully, then don’t ever try to bully anyone. The bully in this case is of course the ‘Great’ United States of America.


One thought on “Russia-Georgia Conflict – My View

  1. Many things you wrote are right, but many people are making same mistake when talking about war in georgia: comparing russia and usa, maybe usa is “better” then russia maybe iven “worse” but war is going in georgia, so try to see it from view of this country, so called “south osetia” is historicaly georgian land, osetians are living there not too long, russians placed them there (sorry for my english, i know “placed” is not right word, but i dont know which one is) and ofcource they can live there as as long as they wont, they are cityzens of georgia, but tryng to take this land from georgia is ofcource not right and georgia can not alow that. again if speeking about russia, it is russia who is responcible of strting this conflict in the first half of the 90-is, and it is clear that since then russians are standing behynd osetian separatism. ofcource georgia made some mistakes, because it has alot of problems and is still not fully organised (russia has many contributions to it also). but aniway i think it is no use speeking who is better or worse russia or usa,(i personaly think there is nothing worse in the world then russia, country who instead of taking care of its own people, is tryng to get back half of the europe, and tryng like mindles zombie bring back soviet times back) both countries had its own intereces, only in this case georgia is country who is fighting for its own territories, osetians are separatists and russia is country who is helping separatists already 15 yers!
    again, sorry for my terrible english, Greteengs from Georgia

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