Countdown to the Family Trip

It’s just next week before I set off for a 10 day family trip to Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali. It’s first off to Jakarta to visit relatives, before leaving to Surabaya to visit my maternal grandmother, and my only grandparent remaining. I guess recent events have shown me the importance of keeping in touch with loved ones and visiting them while they are still around! I would be taking the time to visit some sights in Surabaya like the House of Sampoerna. After Surabaya comes Bali! And this is, for obvious reasons, the highlight of the trip.

Bali, also known as the ‘Land of Gods’ is probably tourist’s dreamland in Indonesia. First trip with family but the second trip for me! Will be staying 2 nights at a villa in Jimbaran, and another 2 nights at Ritz-Carlton Bali. The 2 nights at the villa seems good, as the villa is newly opened and their website can be accessed here. Since it is a newly opened establishment (just recently in May), it should be great!

I really can’t wait for this trip! After all it has been some time since the whole family went on a holiday together.


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