One Night in Jakarta

Left for Jakarta on the 23rd of June and me and mum took a late afternoon Lufthansa flight out of Singapore at around 5pm. As such, we had to make plans for lodging in Jakarta and we had the stay in Le Meridien Jakarta. Never stayed in this hotel before, though it was quite an old hotel. The building is around 10-15 years old I guess? Location wise, it’s very good though, since it was right on Sudirman, the financial district of Jakarta, close by to the Grand Indonesia shopping complex as well as Bunderan HI. For one night, the hotel rooms was spacious enough and had a unique shape, unlike the rectangular normal rooms in other hotels. There was a separate sitting area and twin beds, which makes it feel like a mini suite.

Le Meridien seems to have gone on a contemporary feel with its stationary sets which I took a picture above but its room and lobby decor was a bit traditional with lots of Javanese wood carvings and ornaments. I would say its an old hotel with a contemporary franchise making it look like it suffers from some kind of split personality. For a night’s stay, the hotel was reasonably priced at Rp 750,000 per night with 2 brekkies. We got one room free complimentary of Asia Miles and the other room was purchased through a tour agency in Jakarta. It’s off to Lampung on the 24th after the one night stay in Jakarta! The next post will cover a fantastic seafood dinner in Lampung 🙂


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