Citibank sucks big time!

Ok Citigroup had a huge loss due to subprime, and they are gonna lose me as a customer! Their credit cards segment in Singapore has the worst service ever. Even Maybank has better credit cards than them. Here goes my experience with them:

1) I was charged an annual fee for my credit card in the statement when in the previous month I had called them up to mention to them that I would like to cancel the cards if I was going to be charged the annual fee. While annual fees are reasonable to some, I see no reason to pay for a credit card when I get better offers from other banks without paying a service fee.

2) So I called the card centre and told them to cancel the annual fee, or else I would cancel the cards. Of course, the phone receptionist agreed. I was then assured that the annual fee would be reversed (means that Citi will cancel the annual fee charges). I was also assured that I would not be charged a single cent, as I requested automatic deductions from my bank account for my cards. 

3) Thus I left overseas thinking that I won’t be charged for the annual fee. A month later, I returned, opened the mail box and guess what? I was charged with the annual fee and interest charges for late payments. This is what I get for assurances from Citi that I will ‘not be charged’ at all? With this, I made another call again to Citi, and they apologized for their error, indicating that the transaction will be cancelled and the automatic funds transfer will not happen. 

4) Then today, I went to check my bank account through the internet, and there was that amount deducted from my account! It has to take me another phone call to settle this matter again. The deduction was due to occur on 10 June, I called them up at 4 June to ensure that they will not deduct the annual charges from my account, and I called them today (19 June). This is what I get from an international bank? Citi’s retail banking operation just totally sucks big time, especially if they make so many unfulfilled promises. How can one place their hard earned money in this bank is anyone’s guess… especially when their service is totally unreliable. After all this, they had only a word of sorry to say. Now I wonder if I can just say ‘Sorry’ after paying my credit card bills late and not having to pay interest charges?

For a note, I hold cards by UOB, OCBC and Maybank and they have never given me such troubles before. Not to mention these banks have far more helpful staff and reliable service, something I expect of from a bank. 


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